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Henry Cavill Cast In Mission: Impossible 6

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Henry Cavill Cast In Mission: Impossible 6

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Superman himself is trading in his super-suit for a different wardrobe this time around as he embarks on a journey in yet another spy film. If you haven’t seen Guy Ritchie’s spy-comedy-action flick¬†Man From U.N.C.L.E.¬†then you missed out on a terrific role that confirms Cavill’s range all the more. Cavill has been seen promoting possible¬†Green Lantern¬†details on his Instagram as well as working out hard, but it’s nice to see the man from Jersey – no not that one – getting some more roles beyond the DCEU.

The follow up to¬†Rogue Nation¬†will bring back the cast of Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner with Christopher McQuarrie back in the director’s chair. So far, this has been one of the few franchises that has actually gotten better with time thanks to purposely changing out directors every movie with the exception of McQuarrie.

Cavill is rumored to be playing the right hand man to Ethan Hunt’s boss, played by many people, but the latest was a scene stealing Alec Baldwin in the role. It’s not confirmed Baldwin is set to return to the franchise, but the role of Ethan Hunt’s boss seems to be interchangeable.

An impressive money making franchise, it’s safe to say the¬†Mission: Impossible¬†franchise is up there with superhero movies as well as franchises like¬†The Fast and Furious¬†series which fans keep gravitating towards. Who knows how big a role Cavill will actually have, but his leading man looks and skills as an actor should be revealed and used far more for leading pictures beyond Superman, but at least we get to see him in something at all.

Source: Variety

(Watch) Beautiful First Trailer For Pixar’s Newest Film “Coco”

Pixar doesn’t make bad movies, say what you want about¬†Cars, but they never cease to amaze us with the original content that seems to always go that extra mile. This first trailer for¬†Coco¬†gives us a young Mexican boy whose love for music leads him to a fantastical mystery that reveals Day of the Dead inspired stories and animation.

The colors and sounds of the Spanish guitar prove to be effective when it comes to introducing us to our hero Miguel and his dog as they embark on a journey that will supposedly reveal 100 year old mystery.

I don’t know much about this film beyond it’s Mexican inspired themes and cultural significance, but I¬†do¬†know that if it’s Pixar, there’s no doubt I have to go out and see this movie. If anything, the first thing I thought of was actually¬†Kubo and the Two Strings, but hopefully the two films go in different directions.


Production On ‘The Batman’ Now Likely To Start Early 2018

Image result for the batman

The Batman has fallen on dark times this year with Affleck stepping down as director, struggling to maintain a good script that works for the overall DCEU, and with the looming fear that Ben Affleck could end up not being Batman once the Batman concl

The scripts written by Affleck and writing partner Geoff Johns have been canned as has Chris Terrio’s script which means the studio is starting the story completely over. The delay of the film makes sense when they don’t have a story to shoot, but I see these delays as a positive step in the right direction. We’ve been clamoring to each other about how quickly the DCEU seems to be moving, but it looks like they are finally getting their ducks in a row and focusing on getting quality creatives teams in order for their future movies.

We can thank¬†Variety’s¬†Justin Kroll for this tidbit of information as he went to his Twitter to give us a small scoop:

Affleck’s recent statements revealed that he had been going to rehab to fix an alcohol abuse issue which can’t be the core blame for anything, but it is very brave of the film-maker to be so transparent with everyone. Anyone helping their health is always positive so we hope that translates to other positive changes for the future.

We don’t know if characters like¬†Deathstroke¬†or other big Batman villains are going to stay in this particular story, but with the announcement of a¬†Nightwing¬†movie set for release in a few years with¬†The Lego batman¬†director at the helm could prove to be a big change in the direction Batman universe as well.

Source: Justin Kroll

Fox Planning A Remake of ‘The Fly’

Image result for j.d. dillard director

A remake of a remake is getting kind of old to report, but clearly that’s the way the world is right now. Fox is planning on rebooting¬†The Fly,¬†a film property that came to life in 1958, but was made iconic thanks to the body horror technician that is David Cronenberg with a stellar performance by Jeff Goldblum. If you’ve never seen the The Fly,¬†the premise is simple, scientist becomes a humanoid fly creature, and it’s kind of gross.

J.D. Dillard and writing partner Alex Theurer will take over the directing and writing duties for the remake. The duo made their names worth knowing thanks to their work on their thriller Sleight which is funded by WWE Studios and the powerhouse that is Jason Blumhouse at Blumhouse Productions. Sleight hits theaters April 28th.

The next project this duo is working on, also for Blumhouse, will star Dope’s¬†Keirsey Clemons in their horror-thriller¬†Sweetheart.

Clearly the writing team has some major support to get their movies made and could bring new blood into their genres (pun intended).

Source: Deadline

Did Henry Cavill Just Reveal A Character We Could See In Justice League?

Henry Cavill couldn’t encapsulate the valor and traits of Superman any better than he already does. The man is infinitely likable no matter which angle you see him from and he thinks very carefully before he says or does anything. With that being said, his Instagram may have given us a fairly big clue – or a huge middle finger – by hinting at a character we’ve yet to see any marketing or casting news for…

Not only the dude still jacked AF (as f**k for those who aren’t aware), but he clearly knows something we don’t. Nothing is confirmed with Green Lantern in any way yet, but he’s been hinted at plenty of times by other cast members and crew because we all know that you don’t have Justice League with Green Lantern. I’m still curious as to which Green Lantern he could be referring to since the two main Green Lanterns fans know and love are both humans, Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan.

Hopefully we actually get some news or hints from the studio later on. Armie Hammer is still the name people are spreading as Hal Jordan and the latest rumor was Moonlight star Devonte Rhodes as Jon Stewart which may make me more excited than any casting thus far.

Warner Bros. Rumored To Be Wanting To Reboot ‘The Matrix’ With Michael B. Jordan

Image result for the matrix

Not much is known on where the film wants to go beyond that for right now Warner Brothers is rebooting the film with a new star being thrown in the mix. Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Fruitvale Station) is in talks to possibly star in the “relaunch” of the 1999 sci-fi/action franchise. The Wachowski siblings were the creative minds behind the story and the direction of the film and went on to direct and write two less than stellar sequels in the eyes of the critics.

Will Smith was originally the star that the directors wanted at the time, but like Smith has done with many big projects, he turned them down. Maybe writer Zak Penn (The Avengers, X-2) can bring a unique flavoring to whatever they are trying to call this, sequel, reboot, relaunch etc.

The Wachowski’s are not involved with this new project and could possibly stay shut out since Hollywood is all about what you’ve done for someone lately. Their films beyond the first¬†Matrix¬†film is less than stellar beyond beautiful visual splendor, but their films don’t become memorable for the right reasons. Original producer of the films, Joel Silver, will also not be involved due to his reputation for “budget control issues”, which we’ve seen can destroy good movies because there is one too many cooks in the film kitchen.

The trilogies original star Keanu Reeves said he’d be up to returning to the franchise, but only if it’s original film makers and writers i.e. the Wachowski’s were to return, but that probably isn’t happening so don’t expect Reeves to be anywhere near this one. The idea of Michael B. Jordan as the lead is never a bad thing. His work over the last few years proves he is one of the best overall talents Hollywood has right now and he’s no stranger to being in continued franchises (Creed) nor does he have issues doing hard sci-fi (Chronicle, Fant4stic) so his name makes perfect sense.

Hopefully they choose to continue the story Рlike Creed Рand add to the lore instead of just rebooting a good first film and remind us of the two sequels none of us really liked. Warner Bros. could use another big franchise to help their wallets and their credibility again.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros. Looking At Matthew Vaughn to Direct Man of Steel 2

Image result for matthew vaughn kingsman

For all you Superman fans out there, I feel your pain, and the world has heard your cries for more of the Big Blue Boy Scout. Warner Bros. could be eyeing their next director for the film in the form of comic book movie favorite Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) for the sequel to Henry Cavill’s¬†Man of Steel.¬†An exclusive report from¬†Collider,¬†Warner Bros. and DC are indeed moving forward with the much awaited sequel that started the DCEU as we see it today.

Zack Snyder directed the first film with the blueprint of Christopher Nolan’s¬†The Dark Knight¬†trilogy as inspiration to bring Superman into a modern world with a modern retelling to captivate audiences. To say the film was polarizing is an understatement and it’s Rotten Tomato score only confirms that with a 50% the last time I checked.¬†Wonder Woman¬†just got a great third trailer which has fans excited and it seems like James Wan’s Aquaman is sailing smoothly with it’s production, and we know all about the drama with¬†The Batman.¬†Trying to get a director like Matthew Vaughn means they are genuinely interested in having these films bring a mixture of fun and excitement with the stories still being the focal point.

READ MORE: Directors I Think Could Direct Man of Steel 2

The sources for Collider stated that Vaughn is Warner Brothers first choice at director which is good news because the last time they mentioned their top director for their superhero film, it was Matt Reeves for Batman, and they ended up signing him after a few shouting matches. If he was not to direct Man of Steel 2, sources claim that Warner Bros. still want his talents for another DCEU film down the line.

Vaughn is currently in post production of his comic book/spy fusion film sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Vaughn and comic book legend Mark Millar pitched a Superman film to Warner Bros. before they ended up going with the Chris Nolan vision and made it more serious. Vaughn had these comments to make:

I think that’s the one thing not to do with Superman, trying to do the serious The Dark Knight version. Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me.

Granted, these were comments made before¬†Man of Steel¬†was even made, but for him to have a relatively accurate foresight on this project proves he knows what he’s talking about. I like¬†Man of Steel¬†a lot and it gets better each time I watch, but I’m not opposing a more colorful, fun Superman film to bring his character back to the forefront of pop culture beyond a neck breaking meme. Still, I don’t think the tone was the issue as much as quality storytelling with a clear vision. Vaughn would bring everything you need regardless and he’s so used to working with slightly lower budgets for his films that he could do more with less even if he didn’t have to. If they sign him, I think this could bode very well for the future of Superman.

Source: Collider

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