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(Watch) Beautiful First Trailer For Pixar’s Newest Film “Coco”

Pixar doesn’t make bad movies, say what you want about Cars, but they never cease to amaze us with the original content that seems to always go that extra mile. This first trailer for Coco gives us a young Mexican boy whose love for music leads him to a fantastical mystery that reveals Day of the Dead inspired stories and animation.

The colors and sounds of the Spanish guitar prove to be effective when it comes to introducing us to our hero Miguel and his dog as they embark on a journey that will supposedly reveal 100 year old mystery.

I don’t know much about this film beyond it’s Mexican inspired themes and cultural significance, but I do know that if it’s Pixar, there’s no doubt I have to go out and see this movie. If anything, the first thing I thought of was actually Kubo and the Two Strings, but hopefully the two films go in different directions.


(Watch) Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ First Trailer Shows The Director’s Stamp On Crime and Action

Edgar Wright is a director who you will know from his style alone before you realize anything else, but that’s what makes him so endearing. The director of films such as Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs the World you should expect a movie that has quippy comedy while having some underrated visuals and camera angles. Somewhat of a hipster’s director, let’s not forget that the man actually makes good movies in the process, and it doesn’t hurt he recruited Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Ham, and has Ansel Elgort in the lead role.

The story is simple, there is a brilliant getaway driver who goes by the name of Baby, because of his baby face and youthful appearence, but little do people know – as seen in the first scene of the trailer – that Baby is more than meets the eye. The stunt work with the cars and the free running look terrific and weirdly realistic for what most driving films often are while still giving a colorful, almost graphic novel/comic book vibe to the film that Wright is so good at.

This would be a step in a slightly newer direction for Wright, but after he left Ant-Man before Sean Payton took over to direct the rest, Wright stayed in his own lane as a whole while making movies he wanted, this is further proof that he is making the right decisions. It’s a fun trailer with colorful visuals and a story which I’m sure we can predict, but it will executed by a director that organically branches away from the norm with his movies.

(Watch) The Latest Wonder Woman Trailer Looks Like The DC Film We’ve Needed

I think there are some pretty unfair expectations awaiting this film when it hits theaters this June, but if the trailers are any indication of the film’s quality, we could finally see the DC Extended Universe we’ve been waiting for. With Gal Gadot reprising the role she revealed in Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman will finally get the long awaited solo film the world has needed and it looks magnificent.

Undeniably gorgeous – both the setting and the star – the action scenes as well as the emotional introductions are all working for me. To get a glimpse at Diana’s origin is something we have yet to see and it appears to be a vital point to the story line that will be set mostly during World War I. Much like Captain America: First Avenger, this will be a film that doesn’t need to really focus so much on being connective tissue as much as it will be a cool origin story through a period piece styling.

I think there is a lot to love with this “origin trailer” whether it be the glimpses of the origin itself or the theme in which the story will be focusing on. It also looks like Diana will finally be able to show off her ability to fly as well as kick some serious ass ass. I have a feeling we aren’t going to see the rumored villain of Ares – thank goodness – which whom David Thewlis was rumored to be portraying.

(Watch) Ridiculous Trailer For What Looks Like A Ridicously ‘Rough Night’

For the first minute I was and then they killed the male stripper and it went about as downhill for me as it does for the stripper. The cast seems pretty good and it mixes that humor of The Hangover and a darker version of Weekend at Bernie’s without anything actually being funny.

This is where I stand with comedies of the new era, they stink, they’re repetitive, and worst of all, they don’t make me laugh. These are comedically gifted women, but there are so many tropes that don’t work for me anymore and they are just recycled in another film I probably won’t see.

My hope is that this film goes in an even more bizarre direction than what the trailer shows and surprises us with a big middle finger of weird and comical mishaps, but I’m not convinced that’s what’s going to happen….


(Watch) Brad Pitt Does His Best War Satire Face In Teaser For Netflix’s ‘War Machine’

Netflix is growing like a weed when it comes to original content as well as the properties and films they are buying out. When news broke that Netflix was the buyer of Martin Scorsese’s next epic gangster film The Irishman, eyelids vanished, and the world quickly realized where the next step in distributing original films was going. The same can be said for Netflix snagging a satire starring Brad Pitt (among other talents) with the director of films such as Animal Kingdom and The Rover. 

While short, the teaser shows just enough of what kind of satire this is going to be, and if it’s as goofy as it looks then we’re in for a treat. It almost makes you wonder if George Clooney isn’t the guy Pitt is mimicking for his character in the trailer. The friends have proven to be constant pranksters and troublemakers for years, but when I see the still I see a fusion of Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou? and Pitt’s Inglourious Basterds character.

Netflix releases the film for streaming users and members May 27th, 2017 and also stars,  Anthony Michael Hall, Topher Grace, Will Poulter, Tilda Swinton, Jonathan Ing and Ben Kingsley.

(Watch) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Shows Family Theme and Kurt Russell With Latest Trailer

While the other trailer showed more humorous sides of the Guardians, this may actually prove to us that there is a plot behind all the sarcasm and gorgeous spacial settings. We finally get to see Kurt Russell in the role of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord’s father at the end of the trailer, but what we need to appreciate and notice is the theme of family that seems to be looming all throughout.

James Gunn is no stranger to making good films, but this may be where he will get to shine simply as a movie maker. With confirmed statements saying that this will not have any forced tie ins with The Avengers or future films and just focuses on the Guardians as a rare solo story on it’s own, we may be able to see even more fleshed out stories behind all the conflict of the characters and their families.

There’s something so rich in the idea of a superhero movie being fun, but also unafraid to tell a story that organically grows from what they had started. Kurt Russell looks spectacular as Ego the Living Planet – in human form I imagine – and with Russell being paired with Chris Pratt I imagine the dialogue is going to split our sides and touch our hearts, dramedy surgery to an extent.

Oh, and this new poster is pretty cool too in case you haven’t seen, so thank James Gunn for that as well.

Ridley Scott Seems To Be Upping the Terror In Alien: Covenant’s Latest Trailer

Ridley Scott’s return to prominence was clear when he gave us the impressive adaptation of The Martian with Matt Damon and after Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) failed to show any improvements as a storyteller beyond the same tropes, he was booted (more or less) from his vision of the next Alien movie in the franchise.

I liked Prometheus, I’m not sure why or how people could have hated it like they claim, but I also know it wasn’t a perfect film either. Still, the fact I am more than intrigued as to where the story goes beyond Prometheus proves there was something to behold. The first red-band trailer for Alien: Covenant was bloody as f**k and genuinely terrifying, a return to the roots of the first film, and it’s clear that Scott wants to bring more horror to the sequel than ever before.

What people are calling the “Neomorph” seems to be just as freaking as the original Xenomorphs only more limbs, but just as frightening as last time. My only problem with this trailer is it’s attempt at a money shot at the end when it didn’t need it. We know that this crew is going to bite it, that’s how these films work, but why show the alien so bluntly like that by the trailers end? Regardless, the trailer proves that the fear factor is there, the cast is strong, and obviously Ridley Scott knows a thing or two about making visually pleasing films.


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