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I’m Going To Need Volunteers…

I’ve decided to bring you the readers into an article for once by bringing on a few of you to list off your Ten Favorite Movies of all time… in order! All I would need is for you guys to go to my Facebook page at The Gunn Range: Movies and like the page and message me either on here or any other social medias at thegunnrange.

I will post your first name and last initial and quote you on why you like those movies or films in general.

I hope to hear from you!

Here’s What Man of Steel 2 Needs In Order To Be Successful

The news on the moving forward of Man of Steel 2 is good news in my eyes because the film is what started the beginning of this now divisive Cinematic Universe. Like most of you, I wasn’t a fan of the first Man of Steel at first, but Zack Snyder has this way of making movies that grow on you like flavors of coffee creamer or styles of pizza and there is a lot to grow on from the first film whether he comes back to direct the film or not.


Man of Steel was very much Superman’s movie and that’s why looking back on the film, I got a real sense of that hope that Superman brings to fans of his movies and comics. I think people were turned off by his brooding nature in BvS which made fans peel off from the films (among other things) and I think if you can get Superman back to his roots of that overly positive, “Big Blue Boy-scout” we are used to seeing, and following.

I’m not talking about some icky romance with Lois Lane, but rather his solo ventures as the Man of Steel. Henry Cavill doesn’t need extra help to get a good performance in a film and we should let him show off that talent further.


This is one you guys may be scratching your heads. I think we’ve seen too many city destruction scenes in movies in general, but especially in superhero movies, and Superman doesn’t always need to stay on Earth. He is an alien after all and aliens are often jumping boarders or flying through space am I right? Have him verse some intergalactic baddies on other worlds or stop a race of martians heading towards Earth on a planet sized crater or something. He has the villains and the characters to make it work so why not take it there?

For a list of Superman villains I want to see in a film CLICK HERE


Adding to points 1 and 2, this is Superman’s movie and the focus should be on Clark returning to form after his (SPOILER ALERT) in BvS. The focus goes off of Supers as soon as we see Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman or someone else helping him in a fight that he likely doesn’t need help with at all. This leads to the next point…


Some of you may be shocked to know that Superman stories in comics and in past films are not exactly action packed thrill rides all the time, but rather films that deal with the conflict of the most powerful being on Earth and off of it as far as we know, and it’s the relationships and exoduses that Clark takes that make him so endearing.

There are facets to his lore that can be explored even deeper. I think of things like the Kryptonian technology he learns to use in the Fortress of Solitude or things he retrieves from space that land on Earth. One of the best examples of that in film form can be seen in the animated movie Superman: Unbound which leads me to my next point…


DC and Warner Bros. have a library of information to consult for what makes a Superman story worth seeing and reading, but it seems like there have been so many damn ideas they want to throw into just a few movies that it comes off as messy and unfocused, but if you just contain your frame of reference(s) for the movie then we can follow along as fans so much better.

The animated films, the recent Killing Joke not withstanding, have been fun and always entertaining films, so why not go to them and see why they worked and attempt to translate those traits to the live-action.

Of course, none of this can be achieved if this final point doesn’t hit all the check marks…


I like Man of Steel! I really do and if they announced Zack Snyder was returning to helm the sequel, I don’t think I’d be too upset, but it’s not about just me. Fans and critics don’t like Zack Snyder’s work and that’s clear and just for their petty emotions, it’s better to get someone who can bring something new to the table while still keeping the film cohesive to the world that’s been created.

Stay tuned for my TOP FIVE DIRECTORS who should direct Man of Steel 2!



Which Villains Should Show Up In The Man of Steel Sequel? – Top 5

DC has gotten a lot of shit and it’s mostly justified (see what I did there?), but we DC hopefuls continue to pray that Warner Brothers gets their superhero slate down. My hope is that they don’t rush this sequel and dig a deeper hole in the catch up game and they just focus on making a river flowing narrative. For now, we speculate like the impatient internet divers that we are, and hope that somebody from the studio listens.


1. Metallo and Lex Luthor: I’ve been pitching this idea to anyone who has the time to listen. What comic book movies need to do is scale back on the obnoxiously large and over-inflated plots and villain conquests and just have a fun and not exactly “middle of the road villain”, but someone who can stress out our heroes just enough while being able to establish a bigger villain i.e. Luthor for future films.

Metallo was originally John Corbin, but was changed into a cyborg with a Krytonite heart. He is often Luthor’s hidden bodyguard or hired help due to his creation and durability against the Man of Steel. He can be menacing without having to try to take over the world or enslave a city, he can just be a bad guy Superman happens to face en-route to a Luthor plot down the line.

2. Mongol: Expect a trend of “aliens from outer space” type descriptions for these next few… Mongul is a fan favorite for those who watched the Justice League Animated Series by Bruce Timm because he is a cocky SOB who rules over a gladiator like planet. Imagine if Superman ends up on this planet more or less stranded and has to do the whole “fight to survive” type thing while also trying to dethrone the bastard that is Mongul.

Superman and Mongul have their finale of a fight on Mongul’s iron fist ruled planet adequately titled Warworld. It may be pretty cheesy sounding at first, but one of the best parts about Zack Snyder’s vision in Man of Steel was his depiction of Kryton and it’s landscape. That could be worth showing if they don’t do Darkseid as soon as I think they will.

3. Cyborg Superman: After the events of Batman v Superman, it would make sense for the Superman wannabe’s to show up and try to substitute for Clark in his absence. In the case of Cyborg Superman, we get a classic revenge tale about a deranged man who loses everything yet again due to the events of the last film. Hank Henshaw was an astronaut who gets hit by a solar flare that ends up mutating him and his crew.

What could make this cool is that it can set up for a Brainiac movie if they go the New 52 route. Cyborg Superman can still be Henshaw, but Brainiac finds him floating in space only to use him as a cyborg drone to scout earth and see if it’s a viable planet for Brainiac to shrink and take over. The issue with this idea is not Cyborg Superman, but the fact that the film would be huge yet again… The selling point, think of Terminator Superman from space.

4. Parasite: Going into the lesser known category, we now have Rudy Jones aka Parasite, a regular old slacker who while in a Pittsburgh S.T.A.R. Labs facility gets transformed into an intergalactic creature that can temporarily take the powers, memories, and energy of other beings.

This could be a more cat and mouse type game rather than a brute force battle like we’ve seen with the last two films while still creating a weird and unique fighting style for each of the characters. At this point, we could have a much weaker Superman who hasn’t regained all of his strength after the fight with Doomsday and makes for a better match with Parasite in the end.

5. Bizarro: This is a choice that critics of the dark toned DC will like. Imagine a Superman from an alternate dimension who has all the powers of Superman, but speaks backwards and has entirely too much fun for a destructive monster. He can present that Ultron like humor, though not as intellectually sound, but still pose a threat to Superman.

They’re perfectly leveled match can be fun and epic to watch and the mystery behind the Bizarro world can prove to be a really enticing look on the other worldly aspects of the DC Universe. Maybe Superman and Bizarro battle in the rubble of what was once Bizarro World as Bizarro Superman obsesses over his counterpart.

No More Movie News…

Don’t worry folks, I’m not dying and I’m not done writing, but I am done writing all the news articles you’ve seen on here until further notice. It’s nothing serious, I promise, it’s just a priority switch and likely a revamping of the site.

I will still be doing reviews for films I see and will start throwing in some anime and Netflix specific reviewing even though they’re far and few between. I don’t expect you all to miss the news articles since I saw not as many readers took to them like I’d hoped, but if a demand kicks in, they will return.

I hope to bring a more improved site for you guys as time rolls on so let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

The Best Movies Of 2016… So Far – Top 10

This year hasn’t been the strongest (so far) when it comes to a year of films and visual entertainment. Sure, there are some good flicks on the menu worth having again, no doubt about it, but when you try to look at what the chefs are cooking and find none of them appetizing is when you scoff. I am that customer at the restaurant of films and I want to tip my servers plenty, but they just haven’t all earned that 20-35% I want to give.

With all that talk about cinematic feasting, it wasn’t nearly as hard to pick out my favorites of this year (so far) simply because I either came home disappointed or didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the smaller ones, the curse of not living directly in a big city. With that said, I’m sure me leaving off Green Room, The BFG, Midnight Special etc., but I’ll see them eventually! Without further ado…

10. Hail Caesar!: I’m sure all the flack I was getting for liking this movie was warranted after putting it number 10 on my list of favorite Coen Brothers films (ever), but there’s a reason for that. It’s over the top, call back to old Hollywood genres like romances, musicals, noirs, and comedies made for a fun theater experience with classic Coen dialogue and zany characters. It also introduced me to the new Young Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich and that’s a solid reason to give this film a chance, he’s great.

9. 10 Cloverfield Lane: I waited to here confirmation on whether or not  this was directly tied to the found footage film that shared a name in the title, but there was no point. I was given a claustrophobic, one room setting for a film that had a terrifying John Goodman and splendid writing and acting. It was unique and suspenseful, but not so aggressive in it’s horror or sci-fi genre tropes to get away from what it really wanted to be and that’s a follow along thriller of the best type.

8. The Boy and the Beast: This is arguably one of the best films I’ve seen in quite some time. After getting it on blu-ray this year and seeing it in a small arthouse theater with some buddies of mine, the three of us were hooked. From the beautiful Japanese animation to the central themes of the film, The Boy and the Beast proves that Pixar and America aren’t the only places to get great animated features. It goes in some unique directions with it’s plot that further along an already heartwarming and action packed tale of family, fathers, and acceptance.

7. The Witch: I don’t even like horror movies all that much, but while I was cowering in fear during this film’s runtime, I could help but to keep watching the carnage and weirdness that is The Witch. Movie fans whom are also horror fans know that this is a masterful work from a young director, but I think the old English and period drama dialogue and setting turned the lesser knowing movie fans off because they’re used to gore fests and overused story tropes. For me, this is what I want in horror as well as all films, and that is for them to tell a great story that will keep even the most hesitant of fans wanting to come back for more.

6. Zootopia: Animation always tends to be the lone bright spot even in a lame movie year (so far) and Zootopia was a film that had people walking in with low expectations, but like most Disney properties, people including myself, were blown away by the charm and deeply cutting topics the film presented to us through talking animals. It was funny, quite serious at some moments, and the word I’ve been using through this whole list, original. I think Finding Dory is a really good movie, but this should be the favorite to take home the Best-Animated Feature Oscar this year.

5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Rated-R Cut): Notice the words in parenthesis and realize the difference before you yell at me. I was immensely disappointed with the theatrical cut the studio decided to release. The poorly edited, non cohesive storytelling from the theater cut didn’t help the film flow like we had hoped, but after seeing the cut that fans will get to see on blu-ray, you are going to have to swallow your words. Sure, it’s still not a perfect film, but you will definitely realize how much smoother a watch it is, and I think you will appreciate the film for what it is after seeing the longer cut.

4. The Lobster: At first, I was very unnerved after seeing this film for a few reasons, but the more time went by, the more I realized how much I found myself enthralled by the original story and the dry, unapologetic performances by the actors. It hits on really significant points surrounding the world of online dating, relationships, and finding love, but through the lens of a satirical director’s vision that boasts an arthouse style that is hard to miss. Should be interesting to see where it ends up during awards season.

3. Deadpool: One of the biggest hits of the year and for good reason, Deadpool proved that not all comic book movies need to be for children and teenagers and can be successes anyways. Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role and takes shots and any and everything you can think of in the best ways possible. It’s got raunchy humor you fall in love with immediately and brings life into a genre that is often too bloated with explosions and end of the world scenarios.

2. The Nice Guys: This was the film I wanted people to go out and support, but even though people love to bitch and moan about “the lack of originality” in films these days, no one went out to see this masterwork by Iron Man 3 director Shane Black. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are hilarious in this comedy crime noir set in the 70’s in Los Angelas. The performances are hysterical from everyone and it never has a dull moment or scenes that don’t fit. It was close to a perfect film as far as entertainment goes, but alas, no one saw it.

1. Sing Street: One of the few A+ scores I gave to a film this year and it was no contest as to why I gave it that score. It sucks you into this world that is the 80’s in Dublin Ireland in a time where poverty and rebellion are running rampant, but in a John Hugh’s style musical-comedy-drama-romance telling of some kids who want to make a band, it provides one of the most original bits of coming of age storytelling I’ve seen in years. The music (original and non-original) are perfectly added ingredients to this film and make you believe in chasing dreams, falling in love, and doing what no one thought you could do. It leaves you joyous and endlessly inspired.

Let’s Clarify What Cranston Said About Saban’s Power Rangers & Comparing It To ‘The Dark Knight’

The re-imagining of the hit kids series Might Morphin Power Rangers has brought endless intrigue or lack thereof from fans or to people who have never seen an episode. Once the pictures of the Rangers revealed themselves to the public, I think movie fans wanted to know more, and that’s fair.

The talented young cast may be full of lesser known actors, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they can all act (from what I’ve seen). Casting Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston didn’t hurt anything either. Recruiting talent for your movie thanks to a large paycheck and a half decent script is always a plus, but it was when Cranston recently compared the tone of the film to The Dark Knight trilogy that had every bursting into flames.

Cranston is a smart dude and great science teacher (teehee) so we know he is smart. The guy has never steered us the wrong way with his performances or words during interviews, but as the internet does best, we completely misunderstood what the dude meant or just didn’t read at all. In case you want to read for yourself here’s what he had to say about the script and tone:

“At first I was, to be honest with you, I was reticent to looking at the role because I remember the television series was kind of farcical and silly and ‘pow’ and ‘zow’ — weird movements and things like that. I was like, ‘Oh, OK,’”

But this is the part that people chose not to read:

“I wasn’t really high on it until I talked to the producer and read the script and talked to the director. After that I went, ‘This is different.’” He continued, “This is as different a re-imagining as the ‘Batman’ television series as it became the ‘Batman’ movie series. You can’t compare those two, and nor can you compare this movie version of the ‘Power Rangers’ to that television series. It’s unrecognizable for the most part. There are tenets of the folklore that you hold onto for sure, but the inspiration is different, and the sensibility of it, and the approach to the film making is completely different.”

In case you still didn’t read, he just meant that the changes are similar to how the Adam West Batman was to what Tim Burton eventually brought to the character and so on and so fourth. I highly doubt we’re going to see Power Rangers slicing up aliens faces with broken pool sticks and telling sick and twisted jokes.

Just remember to read your sources aka me for the more in depth stuff because this generation (my generation) is making me wonder if they can read for more than 144 characters.

Here’s Why It’s Time to Kill “Cinematic Universes”

There are a few phrases the Internets have made up in attempt to knock big budget films or Hollywood as a machine and for awhile I was defending Hollywood, reluctantly, but I’m starting to wonder if I should join the other side like Kevin Durant did with Golden State (ooh burn!). To those phrases I hinted at, they are “superhero fatigue” and “cinematic universe”. They are obvious terms if you know anything about superhero movies of today, but it goes beyond just comic book movies.

The times of one off films are not gone, but definitely diminishing. Maybe it’s just a phase that films are going into, like some form of puberty or mid life crisis, but it’s time to return the red Ferrari and get back your Corrola, for those car people out there. Hollywood and films, for the most part, are made to make money and share a vision, but mainly to make money. It’s no fault of Marvel’s for making quality films and setting up a universe the way they did. In fact, they should be praised for being the first ones to do it, but also to do it well, it’s the copy cat world of big film studios that should get the fingers pointed at them.

Contrary to ignorant belief, sequels and universes and spin offs have happened before, but they weren’t these larger than life movies like we have today. Even with Jaws we got about a million dumb sequels that were supposedly tied to the first one to some capacity, but obviously no one sees it that way. The problem with any overblown, large budget film tends to be the lack of good storytelling. The MCU is a winner for us all because Marvel made stories we cared about that fit well with each other. If studios can do that then great, but it’s when the originality falls short or just doesn’t show up is when I get angry. Like Hollywood does, they follow trends and that’s the problem we are facing with forced (aka fake) desire for diversity whether it be for women or for people of different ethnicities, but that’s how the greedy machine works.


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