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The Hate On La La Land: When Film Popularity Breeds Anomosity

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Award season, not just for the Oscars, but for Emmy’s and Grammy’s, and other gold statues that sound like names of old relatives. It’s around this time that you often see the lesser known films get recognition for the biggest awards of them all, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to give out respect for those movies. As I always do, it’s important to preface this essay with the always constant statement of “all film (and art) are subjective”, but that doesn’t mean you should be a dick about it.

We saw the turn of events once everyone saw Titanic and Avatar and some of the other high grossing films, but what happened was this innate desire in some people to reverse engineer their original thoughts simply because other people loved or liked it. It’s a sad psychology that happens every year and every day with something that you may or may not hold dearly. With La La Land being the award favorite from all angles at the 89th Academy Awards the trolls are sneaking out their dungeons and caves to throw shade at something that has only tried to create light.

La La Land has all of a sudden become the victim of butt-hurt internet warriors who think the movie is over-hyped or in a ridiculous case “racist”. 1. The film is not even close to being racist 2. I don’t think people know what racism is 3. If you didn’t like the movie then don’t like the movie. What I’m noticing happens when people don’t like something and can’t figure out why, they alter their own perception into something the general audience can get twitchy, the usage of buzz words become constant, and then the seeds start growing in the easily malleable minds of the general public.

See the movie, create your own opinion, but if you don’t like something because of X, Y, and Z, just either keep it to yourself or think of a thought provoking idea that can be discussed with people outside of your bubble. Don’t be a dick.


Director Duncan Jones Thinks Green Lantern Is Dumb?

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The internet freaked the f**k out when director Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft) said in a tweet that he thought he’s not directing Green Lantern because he thinks the character is dumb. He has the right to be wrong about his opinion, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that his tweet left us fans wondering why tweet that in the first place.

This isn’t even news, but it harks on a topic that always hits me in a place that I don’t like. It’s a topic that always feels like it’s hitting me in the balls with a tiny hammer and that’s when filmmakers, writers, directors, actors or even producers disregard comic book characters or superheroes because they find them dumb or below them. It’s okay to not like the genre or the characters, but why feel the need to go out of your way to disrespect them when they have nothing to do with your creative path?

Yeah, I’m pretty sensitive to this stuff, but it’s like when someone hates your sports teams or favorite books and they act like your favorite things are below them rather than stating why they don’t like something. Jones went on to describe his idea for Green Lantern if he did make a GL film which gave the idea of Lantern being more of a dumb jock that used the ring to it’s fullest powers by imagination and not will power. Cool enough idea, but fairly backhanded if I do say so myself.

In conclusion, it just struck me in the wrong way. Jones is still a terrific and talented filmmaker who I’ll definitely support, but why knock something else when it doesn’t affect you at all?

Rant over.

2016 Has Been Sh**, But At Least Indie Films Are Staying Alive and Strong

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A big round of applause for indie films taking charge of a year that has seen more celebrity deaths since the plot of This Is The End. Seriously, there is an unhealthy influx of deaths involving people we admire and love in the entertainment industry, but if there is a constant other than death it has to be the importance of indie film-making. The smaller budget flicks that take the human experience to it’s most engaging levels have come in full force this year in a time when we thought Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed were going to be the films that brought along the video game movie renaissance. That went well…

We’re in an era where budgets have inflated to hundreds of millions of dollars for a movie that could have worked with about half or even less of that budget. That’s not to say there hasn’t been money well spent this year on big films, but it does beg the question as to why the heck people haven’t flocked to see some the years best films that have without a doubt been streaming in the indie circuit like formula one racers. I think this will be a year when people realize that indie films are not just for the cinephiles, hipsters, or older crowds anymore. There are magnificent, no, brilliant masterpieces being made all the time that we aren’t supporting, and yet the echo of millions of Facebook warriors are shouting “is there nothing original in Hollywood?!”

I think I still here them screaming like lambs and I’m just your Hannibal Lector waiting to tell you the hard, scary truth to your ignorance. The grandest storytelling isn’t always from the grandest looking of the films you see each year. It’s grandest when there a fully conceived story takes shape in the form of well written plot with characters, settings, and conflict-to-resolution through the vision of it’s directors that makes a film grand. Films like La La Land, The Lobster, or even Hell or High Water aren’t films that use cliches or tropes to get you hooked, but instead an original, remarkable story given care it deserves with a freedom for the filmmakers to express their visions fully.

I know it’s tough sometimes to transition to just blockbusters to some indie films sprinkled in there, but while you think it’s like stepping into quicksand, it’s more like stepping into a hot tub. We’ve become so accustomed to cliched films with unoriginal, bland, formulaic plots that we forget there is a whole new world out there waiting for us to explore. I implore you all to go out and see these movies that we dub “Oscar bait”, but don’t go into the film so close minded, that’s not fair to anyone, and who knows, maybe you’ll just happen to like some of them.

I’ve Been Asked How I Review Certain Movies and I’m Going To Share My Answer

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Jeremy Jahns Reviewing Gods of Egypt

Watching movies is my favorite thing to do besides eat pizza and then watch a movie with the pizza by my side. I also review them, not the pizza, but the movies. Thankfully I’m not as picky about the movies as I am with the pizza or you’d never get a film review from me. That’s another thing, I’m don’t consider myself a critic just yet, that is for when I become truly recognized and professional in the art of critiquing a film through words or video. For now, I review movies with the intent on simply telling you if the film is worth your money or not because far too often, I was going to a film and wasting hours of my life for something I didn’t even like so I made sure to save you all from that pain I was feeling.

One of my favorite YouTube film critics is no doubt Jeremy Jahns along with other great YouTubers such as Chris Stuckmann and The Schmoes Know. It’s Jeremy’s story in particular that spoke to me, which is a pretty charming story really, relating to how he had to thank Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for truly kickstarting his career as a movie critic. Why? Because it was terrible! I kind of went a more complicated route. It all started around this time of the year about a year or two back when the Hobbit films were filling theaters and disappointing us with their unbearable CGI and storyline which Bilbo has an adequate quote for how I felt seeing the films when he said, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

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I review films in a way that you yourself probably review films, only, I have such a nerdy cinefile obsession that I delve into the analytics and technical points that make a movie. That doesn’t make me better than you when it comes to reviewing or liking a film, but hopefully it explains why I’ve quickly begun to veer off of liking every single blockbuster or every single overthetop indie that burns you out after the first twenty minutes. I hope that films can either surprise me with something great I rarely see or just give me a compelling story that I can sink my teeth into whether their superheroes, gangster, comedies etc. I want films with stories that I’m able to go back and watch later on in life.

My writing style is hopefully conversational, but I’m working on homing into the art of writing less and saying more. It’s tough for me because I have a lot to say, but notice how I try to keep my essays, reviews, and news articles about four paragraphs long. I also make sure to never spoil films in my reviews. Another moment in life that made me realize I want to review movies was when I read an article from an undisclosed supposedly credible site, and they didn’t review the film, but instead just spoiled it for me with detail after detail. That f**king sucks. That’s literally the written equivalent of when you tape your football game and a person at the grocery store tells you the score. Don’t do that! Anyway, that’s how and why I review movies. I also just find it fun and therapeutic most times, but it sucks when you can’t see all the movies you want, but don’t worry, I’m working on that part.

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Wonder Woman’s Current Iteration Confirmed to Be Bisexual, Will This Flow Into Movies? – Let’s Talk

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Comic book characters change and transform nearly every other issue in some cases and they reflect the realities of the world we live in at that present time. Wonder Woman is without a doubt one of the most iconic female figures in pop culture and is simply just one of the best superheroes ever created. No seriously, she is one of the greatest fictional characters ever created, and as I reiterate that to you I want you to take a moment to see if you all of a sudden hated her all because of this news. Let the dumb settle.

Not to sound pretentious, but how could you not see this coming if you are a Wonder Woman fan? She oozes sexual appeal to both men and women while promoting powerful and confident traits that make her appealing to nearly all genders we have and living on an island of just abnormally gorgeous women without seeing men makes for an interesting problem doesn’t it? Yes, she has had love interests in the past that have been men, but the characteristic that makes her what she is revolves around her never needing a man to help her do anything! The woman is feminism symbol and creation by a guy that helped create the lie detector and that same man was married to a feminist! Does that automatically make her a lesbian or bisexual? HELL NO IT DOESN’T, but can we sit back and realize how naturally flowing the idea of a lesbian Wonder Woman actually is?

To flip to the other side for a moment, if there were people who found her heterosexual relationships more of a well told story arc and that the chemistry was more naturally written then yeah I’d agree with you, but we also don’t have any other real form of comparison with her romantic relationships to go off of yet, and it’d be a joke to try to compare something that isn’t fully formed. To the sweaty comic book historians and purists, that’s fine to like what you like about your Amazonian warrior, but if you’re a real comic book fan then you know that Wally West has been a ginger and has also been black. We have an Asian Superman, but we still have Clark Kent. It’s the core of the character that should remain (more or less) the same, not the personal tabloid type details people love to gravitate towards.

At her core, Wonder Woman is a definitive representation of love and equality and confidence and so much more which has since garnered praise from all different groups of people in this world that has gone fairly unchanged. LBGT groups have always supported the character of Wonder Woman, as have feminists, and men who tell their daughters to emulate beyond their own moms. Wonder Woman doesn’t, isn’t, and shouldn’t be tied down by her sexuality. Agree with it or not and I won’t be mad at you, but just remember this, Peter Parker was replaced by a clone once, Wonder Woman was a 70’s Austin Powers extra with no powers, and we’ve been given three terrible Fantastic Four movies. There are worse things to be concerned and frustrated about, like, I dunno, elections and violence and what meal to order at Applebees.



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Movies By The Decade: A Look At Each Decade’s Best Films – The Overview

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I know I have delayed the fan Top 10’s for far longer than planned, but I won’t release it until I get everyone’s list to my disposal and you can count on a girl to make me late with the article. Just kidding sort of…but that will still eventually come, I promise. To distract you all from a list I haven’t completed I am going to start another list that I think you will all like and don’t worry, it can’t be delayed because I’m the one making the lists without audience participation (sorry not sorry).

This is going to be a grueling look into the decade’s best films as ranked by yours truly with annotations as to why these should be considered the best films of those eras. This is going to be one of my more in depth lists due to the vast amount of content that has been created each decade and the research I’d go through in order to make sure I don’t miss any of the vital details that depict why the films chosen were considered worthy of being on the list.

I will be looking through as many forms of film as I can as well as span through different countries to not discriminate because, let’s face it, film is more or less universal and there’s thousands of great ones out there from countries other than America. I will be doing this every week on Mondays and do a different decade each week. If you have suggestions of films worth noting I expect and hope for some comments via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or in the comments down below. Should be fun!

Could A Robin Work In The DC Universe That’s Been Set Up?

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Tim Drake as Red Robin, Damien Wayne as Robin, and then his father Bruce Wayne i.e. Batman!

When I say “peanut butter and” what’s the next word you think of? Jelly is your one and only answer you fluffernutter nutcases. The same concept works when I say Batman and you say…Robin. The boy wonder (excluding Carrie Kelly) is the most iconic sidekick of all time without competition. He is the side car to Batman’s all black motorcycle. It was something given to us as a nod and wink to the lore of Robin back The Dark Knight Rises with Joseph Gordon Levitt being the character in question if only briefly, but what about a full fledged Robin that we’ve read in the comics? Can he work in Zack Snyder’s established DCEU?

That’s a great question that I think has a simple answer that most comic book fans may like for most parts, but not for some. I think a form of Robin can work in the DCEU we have established, but on the same token it would be a terrible idea to have a boy in tights fight alongside a grown ass man in a batsuit. With that being said, we saw a glimpse of a

Image result for a death in the family

Jason Todd’s infamous and iconic death in A Death In the Family

former Robin’s suit in the scenes of Batman v Superman which at least gives an opening for quite a few options with Robin. The obvious choices with the Robin suit we’ve seen would be that of a Jason Todd Robin who famously gets killed by the Joker with a crowbar in the most violent way. Even if that isn’t shown, but rather implied in a later Batman standalone, we could see one of DC’s most popular antiheroes in The Red Hood. 

The next idea for where a form of Robin could work is with the classic and first Robin of them all and that is Dick Grayson who later leaves his Robin mantle to become the beloved Nightwing. This could work for a lot of reasons, but I think the best reason he’d be a welcome addition to the films would be because he brings lighter tone – while I don’t think tone is the issue – and comedic elements to a brooding and serious character which is why he works so well in the first place. It would be a relationship that organically flows and compliments each other because of Batman’s trust of Dick Grayson. In fact, Grayson is probably one of three characters Batman holds dear to him and trusts with as much of his heart and head as Batsy possibly can. The other two, Alfred and Jim Gordon.

We can eliminate Damien Wayne aka “the latest Robin and the most annoying of them all” from this picture because that brings a whole different dynamic and story detail that changes the scope of the movies for the worse. Batman does not need his son running around with a sword being annoying and brooding like his father always talking about his honor like he’s Prince Zuko (who I love!). But that leaves one other Robin who I find to be the sleeper pick that would at least still have Robin in the title and that is Tim Drake’s Red Robin. Imagine a Robin with a more tech savvy persona and more loyal demeanor that shoots straight with everything he does and you get Tim Drake. Drake later became Red Robin as a way of stepping out the shadow of the “boy wonder” role, but still honoring the fact Batman took him under his wing to bring him into the Bat Family.

In the end, I don’t expect nor necessarily want a “boy wonder” in any future Batman films. THe campy nature of the character when he’s a boy is not only hard to get people to take seriously outside of the comics, but I don’t think the Batman we have in Ben Affleck would be the type to bring on a boy or girl to throw into harms way again after one of them likely died in this universe already. I think the best route is to take on their older forms and newer titles and let the history naturally explain itself later.

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