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New Matrix Film Rumored To Be Morpheus Prequel With Michael B. Jordan Eyed For Role

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I kind of said what I needed to say in the title of this article, but because it’s professional to give you all the details, I’m here doing just that. The news came out that Warner Bros. was planning to make another Matrix film in the series, but none of knew which direction it was going to go. Many circled the idea of a film after the events of the trilogy, but not many of us thought about the prequel possibilities.

A prequel for the iconic Laurence Fishburne character Morpheus could be the direction the film is now headed. The film’s writer Zak Penn made some promising comments showing respect to the Matrix franchise by stating;

All I can say at this point is no one could or should REBOOT the Matrix. People who know Animatrix and the comics understand. Can’t comment yet except to say that the words “reboot” and “remake” were from an article. Let’s stop responding to inaccurate news… How about just re-release the matrix? Don’t reboot it, you can’t do better. Do I want to see more stories set in the universe of the matrix? Yes. Because it’s a brilliant idea that generates great stories. Look at what people are doing with the X-Men universe. Between Logan and Legion and Deadpool, does anyone want them to stop? Not me.

Breathe a sigh of relief Matrix fans, your new writer knows how to be a good politician. As I stated before, Michael B. Jordan is one of the best talents in Hollywood. Period. His star power can only shine brighter if he gets yet another big franchise to put on his now chiseled back. Jordan has not yet signed on, but it’s no secret that he’d be a perfect candidate for the role as young Morpheus if they manage to sign him on.


The Morpheus character was the mentor of Matrix protagonist Neo (played by Keanu Reeves)who eventually leads a battle against the machines of Zion. It’d be interesting to see if Zak Penn and what is reported to become a writer’s room for the hopeful franchise pre-boot and bring new life into a trilogy that had fans fading with each passing film. Maybe Jordan can sprinkle some of that magic he put on Creed and gives us something to believe in yet again, that is, if he signs on.

Source: BirthMovieDeath

Warner Bros. Developing Nightwing Film With LEGO Batman’s Chris McKay In Talks To Direct

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The success of The Lego Batman movie is taking course critically and financially, but the live-action attempts for DC as of late have been troubling. It looks they’re going to take the fans advice and try out one of their animation directors to breathe some life into the DCEU by getting Chris McKay to eventually helm a solo Nightwing film.

For those unaware of Nightwing’s existence, he is the first Robin, Dick Grayson, and let’s be clear, everybody loves Dick…. Nightwing is the older persona post Robin for Grayson to branch away from Batman and be his own hero. He’s an exceptional hero who uses his acrobatic skills along with his modified Eskrima – basically martial arts sticks – where he combats crime, often helping Batman or leading the Teen Titans.

As excited as fans likely are for a Nightwing movie even being considered, it doesn’t mean it’s happening if recent history has shown us anything. The latest news on director Matt Reeves finally signing on for Affleck’s solo Batman is about the only “positive” thing we’ve heard from the studio in regards to anything connected to Batman. We’ve never seen a live-action Nightwing in any capacity and it will be interesting to see how they bring his mythology into this universe as is. An older Batman means a Nightwing and other older Robins exist in the universe.

Batman v Superman teased the death of a Robin, but sweaty fans know that was definitely a nod to Jason Todd’s Robin, not likely it being Grayson or other Robins like Tim Drake or Damien Wayne. Before they make this spin-off, I don’t think it’s asking too much for them to actually succeed with their other eight films we keep hearing about.

Joe Carnahan Set To Write Fox’s X-Force

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Fox has been making some big announcements and moves to get their newer X-Men properties up and running. Thanks to Collider for killing it with the exclusive reporting on all this news, another big piece of information they gathered was that X-Force could be written and possibly directed by The Grey director/writer Joe Carnahan who is also set to possibly direct Bad Boys For Life as well as the The Uncharted adaptation.

Carnahan was also just announced to be remaking the Indonesian action hit The Raid with The Purge’s Frank Grillo. He must be great at pitching ideas to studios because the man’s name has been attached to about four to five projects just in the last six months alone. 20th Century Fox has always had plans to expand their X-Men universe once the original 2000’s cast get too old or their character’s story arcs begin to dissipate.

It’s no surprise the style of Carnahan would be wanted for an X-Force movie either, his work on films such as The Grey and Smokin Aces prove that he should be right at home making a grittier X-Men style movie that will likely be set in a futuristic universe with a much different take on X-Men characters we’ve seen as well as haven’t been introduced too. It also makes sense that they want a writer and director signed for X-Force which could very likely tie directly into their Deadpool 2 script which just brought on Drew Goddard to help with the script.

Early reviews of Logan have been incredibly positive thus far which also bodes well for what Fox wants to do with their X-Men properties. Making sure to get auteurs of sorts to bring on these films is never a bad idea either.

Source: Collider

Live By Night Review: Affleck Misses Mark By Casting Himself In Lead Role

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Ben Affleck has not had an easy time in the last few months, with all the Batman drama at Warner Brothers and DC don’t help anything, but after seeing his latest directorial effort, I may see why he didn’t want the stresses of directing another big film for a little while. Affleck transports us into the roaring 20’s in Prohibition-era Boston and Tampa in his latest crime drama where he brings an ensemble of talent who get lost in the shuffle of a film that focuses too heavily on Ben Affleck rather than the character he is portraying. Instead of getting lost into a period of rich mythologies, you are stalled by Ben Affleck seducing beautiful women in a fedora that feels like a parody of itself more than a legitimate style choice.

The story in of itself should be a sweeping epic through a period in time whose natural flare is rarely seen done well on screen. Instead, Affleck puts himself front and center in what felt more like an exercise of ego instead of a role to get lost into a character with. As an auteur thus far, there’s nothing wrong with Affleck trying to find a balance as a writer, director, and actor, but there’s a time when you have to realize that films are a collaborative medium and can’t be created by just one person’s biases and visions. There’s a level of arrogance in the lead role than nuance and subtly that the role was likely better suited for. This is a violent, corrupt ecosystem that feeds off of itself and others alike, I wouldn’t imagine after getting beat up, you just rise from the ashes so easily, but that’s where the film quickly ends up going with Affleck’s character. For me, it feels more like ego getting in the way of the performance which for future films he directs can easily be solved by just taking himself out of the starring role, and letting his actors do the literal talking.

Instead of getting an actor who can show us the fear and danger of prohibition era criminals, Affleck stands awfully comfortably as Joe Coughlin, quickly proving that this was more of a miscast that he may have hoped. His prowess as a crime-thriller director is set, nowhere in trouble nor will it be tainted by this attempt, but it may be time for Affleck to focus on one whether he’d prefer to direct or act in each project he takes on. His work in Gone Girl under David Fincher proved to be a landmark of his acting ability while still being in his realm of familiarity for him while still grasping the character he was portraying. Sadly, Affleck drops that same Boston accent we’ve heard since Good Will Hunting without any real differentiating factors to set his character apart from other roles he’s done.

For a film that was only two hours long, the editing made it feel incredibly dull and boring at times then entirely too quick at others, leaving you nausiated by the lack of focus the film seemed to not bring in the editing room. Quick cuts to montage or to cheaply move sections of a story along that could have just let the images do the talking, I got taken out of the film early on rather than honing in on the details. Affleck is a man who is best when he is pulling the strings – like a director and the characters he’s played before – like Geppetto only to be gobbled up by a whale sized level of monosyllabic flatness that hurts the overall production. Affleck will recover very quickly and having such great vision for films whether good or mediocre is as clear as day, I’d hope he figures out that he needs to be the world class director that he is, and let the other actors do the acting to carry the films.


Warner Bros. Loses Matt Reeves For Now As Batman Director

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I didn’t think it was possible to run this many directors out of the running for a superhero film, but Warner Brothers has managed to break that record with ease. Clearly the studio is going at a pace that doesn’t allow it’s directors to take appropriate amounts of time to just make the project they want to make. With a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Reeves has and the studio have stalled discussions for him to come on as director of The Batman. 

Reeves is still in vigorous post-production for his much anticipated sequel to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and claimed that he would bring his own spin to the Batman film if signed on.

The studio has been trying to court some of the biggest names in Hollywood for their films as proven with them courting Mel Gibson for Suicide Squad and having Ridley Scott (The Martian, Alien Covenant) along with Fede Alverez (Don’t Breathe) in the wings to hopefully sign on for The Batman. For now, it’s still possible that Reeves could come back into negotiations with the studio once both parties can take a breath and attack the film like they need too.

DC and Warner Bros. may officially be fast tracking their films to a point that it’s more panic than it is a cohesive plan for the future of DC films. The Batman doesn’t come out for another two years, but the fact there is not a script anyone can agree on nor a director to bring it to life only adds to the constant concern.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


The Worst Movie Idea Has Surfaced Thus Far In 2017, A Tom Brady Movie

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I hate the Patriots, I genuinely despise their guts as a franchise, and whatever it is they represent. I didn’t want them to win the Superbowl, but clearly Atlanta did so that makes this all the more frustrating to even report, well guess what? They want to make a movie about Tom Brady, but not a biopic that tells the heartbreaking true story about how he played at Michigan only to get drafted into the NFL to later leave his pregnant girlfriend and sponsor UGG boots, no, they’re going to write a film that centers around the bullsh** that has been on ESPN for what feels like an eternity… deflate gate. Oh! They also want to write a movie that chronicles his amazing comeback in this years Superbowl.

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Even with the writing talents of the dudes that wrote The Finest Hours and Patriots Day, I still don’t see how a movie can be made about this when this stuff happened only a month ago. That’s not to say the film comes out tomorrow, but even then, it will all be still fresh in our heads.

Who’s going to play the dopey Superbowl winning QB is the next question Mark Wahlberg? Matt Damon? Ben Affleck? You know what? Make it a comedy, cast Bill Burr as Tom Brady and just make the most incredible spoof of all time. Please, please, please do it. That would bring me such joy and happiness that flowers may start growing out of my ears.

Source: Deadline

The American Remake of ‘The Raid’ To Star Frank Grillo & Be Directed By Joe Carnaghanan

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The American remake of the Indonesian martial arts masterpieces that are The Raid movies is getting colonized by American studios, oh, I meant remade for American audiences. The part that should make you bananas (in a bad way) about this news is that these movies came out within a span of only six years…six years!

It’s not like foreign films films haven’t been remade for American audiences and done well in the past, but damn Hollywood, unless you’re getting Scorsese to do a whole The Departed type thing here, I don’t think any of us want it that much. The talent is at least solid – let me get back on the positive side here – and Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan sounds like a cool duo to fuse for a badass action movie. Carnahan did films such The Grey and Smokin Aces. If anything, at least they got a writer/director who has done wild and fun action before with the star to bring it all to life.

Still, a remake of a film that is still fresh in the minds of movie fans everywhere seems a bit aggressive even for a rabid film fan. Why not try to make a third film in The Raid franchise and involve the Indonesian cast or crew while supporting it and throwing some of those American dollars to it? Just a thought, but I want to hear what you guys have to say for The Raid remake starring Frank Grillo.

Source: Deadline


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