I am PISSED I can’t put a picture of me in my about column…

Anyway, I hail from the ever rectangular state of Pennsylvania, a state where one side water and the other says “wooder”. The blue collar nature of our home grown people hone our characteristics that make everyone else seem to hate us more than they should, but we don’t actually give a damn. My hometown is that of Pittsburgh PA, but Philly holds a special place in my heart as well.

My love for movies was as clear as tropical water and ripened at a young age thanks to my parents. The VHS collection I had was enviable with its vast variety of Disney films and ranging from animated to live action. This obsession didn’t materialize until only about three years ago, oddly enough. Instead, my focus was on sports and like Zac Efron in High School Musical, I was the boy with a passion to date Vanessa Hudgens and be artsy AF, but was shrouded in a vale of denial for what I really loved.

I still love sports, but my feel for writing grew like a weed, but is now blossoming like a Japanese lotus flower. I try to write something at least five days out of the week, but it can be tough when you’re broken and lacking the time. I also write screenplays so pray you seem my name on the credits of one of your favorite films in the future! I also plan to get into YouTube once I hone those skills in the near future and for now, you can see me partnered up with my buddies at ragtagriot.com for all your gaming and nerding info! Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy…


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