(Watch) Monday Night Football Reveals Newest ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

It’s been awhile since I posted anything and there’s been a fair amount of news worth discussing so I’ll do my best to dive into a majority of the noteworthy stuff… let’s begin.

I had a strong feeling that – not that this is confirmed by anyone – that Rey and Kylo are either siblings or related to some capacity. What that also brought was an assumption that Rey would very much have a duality with light and dark from the very beginning. Her natural skills as a force wielder was clear in The Force Awakens and has been hinted at in the recent trailers for The Last Jedi. What appears to be the darker of the new trilogy thus far, I expect there to be a ton of reveals and twists for the new ages with this episodic story.

I love the new planets that Rian Johnson is bringing us into and I love seeing Luke frightened out of his mind with Rey and Kylo. It’s too much a clear hint to not assume that Rey is the most powerful Jedi alive beyond Luke and her potential is endless, but also terrifying. What could the context be for Rey to want anything from Kylo? What is Finn and Poe’s story going to become?

Overall, this was a trailer confirming my excitement for the next step in the evolution of these new, but old characters we’ve been given. There’s such a grim undertone to this trailer and this next film and begins and ends with those red letters on the title. People are dying and someone is going to do some shit they’re gonna regret and I can’t wait to see it unfold this December.



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