(Watch) Joss Whedon’s Finger Prints More Visible In Justice League – Official Heroes Trailer

While the DC Extended Universe is getting less extended by the minute, like Superman, I still choose to have hope for the future. Reluctant hope, but hope nonetheless. With the all-star cast showing off their chemistry yet again through exciting, but thrilling visuals in the midst of an invasion (Affleck refers to it as something much darker) these heroes look and feel more like heroes by the second.

It was the first time we saw Henry Cavill at all since Dawn of Justice which was probably a relieve since we hadn’t seen any promotion of him at all even though we know he’s going to come back in a big way very soon. The team work and fun the heroes seem to be having is what is highlighted overall which is good for a superhero team of this magnitude. Still, there wasn’t nearly as much new footage, a good thing by the way, and there wasn’t that much revealed beyond what we saw in that awesome Comic Con trailer a few months back. Let’s just hope there’s been a healthy level of cleaning up for this movie like we anticipate and that it shows itself positively once the film releases this November.

The Parademons look cool, Steppenwolfe looks cool, and every hero shown looks cool. Verdict? I still think it looks cool and I want it to be the best movie ever made. Will it? Nah bruh. But hey, hope right?


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