(Watch) Ridley Scott’s Second Film of the Year Is A True Life Kidnapping Story In ‘All the Money In the World’

Being unaware of this true life story about the kidnapping of the grandson of one of the richest men to ever live, we are brought into the always stylized period that Ridley Scott wants to give us, but with a shockingly upbeat trailer for the most part. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Williams, and an unexpected appearence from Kevin Spacey as J. Paul Getty.

Once again, we get a trailer that reveals Ridley Scott’s obsession with crisp visuals that almost feel like they’re filmed beyond 4K all the while taking us into a world that isn’t so perfect for the 1%. Following the kidnapping of Getty’s grandson John Paul Getty III, we see a reluctance to cooperate with the extortion demands of the kidnappers which clearly doesn’t go well for the grandson.

Scott released his hyper violent, hyper allegoric sequel to Prometheus and the Alien franchise with Alien: Covenant to little success if any at all, but now he’s going back to the crime drama genre which we’ve seen him do in the past with American Gangster and Matchstick Men. I think I’m far more excited for this movie than I was with Alien: Covenant and that’s because this seems to be a story we’ve never been told before on the big screen even though it’s a true life situation.


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