(Watch) First Teaser Trailer For Jennifer Lawrence Spy Drama Is Here From Her Hunger Games Director With ‘Red Sparrow’

I saw mother! and didn’t even want to review it. I had no opinion beyond pure shock and awe, but if there was something I could say about it, it would be that the performances were very strong and Lawrence proved to us why she never needs to be in a superhero film again. Lawrence is a great physical actor in all ways and she shines when she can do stoic and visceral characters with complex narratives so a spy that takes the best notes from the Black Widow origins.

This seems far more intense than something like Atomic Blonde or anything Black Widow related and that’s what I’m looking forward to seeing from this movie. I’m still kind of bored of seeing Lawrence as the only female lead in pretty much everything out there, but what can you do? Just kidding. I know exactly what you do… *whispers, cast other actresses….

I’m just tired of seeing her face honestly. It’s nothing against her acting ability because even Lawrence haters have to realize she is good at what she does a lot of the time. I think this would have been far more interesting if we saw a young starlet we’ve rarely seen in big films come into a role like this that’s clearly complex and deep in more ways than one. Hopefully this can be both compelling and fun all at the same time once the film hits theaters.



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