Spike Lee & Jordan Peele Teaming Up To Bring Us True Story In ‘Black Klansman’

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After his winning efforts on Get Out, Jordan Peele is returning to direct a social thriller along with polarizing, though iconic filmmaker, Spike Lee. Starring in their film will be John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington who is one of the stars on NBO’s Ballers. 

Washington will portray real life detective Ron Stallworth whose incredible story of infiltrating the KKK has been recounted in his memoir where the film gets its name. Thanks to Stallworth answering an ad in the paper back in 1978, he was able to halt the actions of many Klansman acts such as cross burnings and other acts the KKK are infamous for.

Lee and Peele with co-direct and write along with Charlie Wachtel and David Rabinowitz. The film will have it distributed by Focus Features while Blumhouse returns to produce the film after backing Get Out which ended up being a huge financial and critical success this year.

What’s most impressive is that Peele and Lee have apparently been working on the script and story of this film for almost two years now and are now bringing it to life post Peele’s feature film success.

Washington will now be more in the mainstream as well with other projects including Old Man and the Gun along with Casey Affleck and Robert Redford, and Monsters and Men. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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