Patty Jenkins Gets Paid and Is Confirmed To Direct Wonder Woman Sequel

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As we know about Wonder Woman, we all loved it (mostly) and one of the reasons for that beyond Gal Gadot’s terrific performance as Diana was the fact that Patty Jenkins proved the obvious and that was that women are great filmmakers too. For her efforts on the DC film – which is officially the largest grossing DCEU film to date – Jenkins has concluded negotiations to sign on for the sequel to Wonder Woman while also getting some more well earned perks.

Jenkins will now co-write the sequel as well as be a producer on the film on top of directing, but has also been paid as much (maybe more) than Zack Snyder who’s comic book movies have not grossed what Wonder Woman has.

It’s smart to get Jenkins back for a ton of obvious reasons. She did a great job on the original (the ending not withstanding) and it would be silly to not keep her continuity on this property going. She clearly understands Wonder Woman the character and brought a relative unknown actress in Gadot to stardom with how she directed her. Not to mention it would be an absolute PR disaster if they didn’t bring her back because of money.

Jenkins is now officially the highest paid female director of all time and can hopefully be a cornerstone to equal pay for all groups of people when making big and small films in the near future.

Source: Variety


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