JJ Abrams Takes Over As Writer & Director For Star Wars IX In Wake of Colin Trevorrow Departure

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It seems like LucasFilm is returning to their safe options when it comes to making their episodic films. With the constant chaos surrounding the young directors of both the anthology films as the recent departure of writer and director Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) it seems like LucasFilm wants to get away from the drama and stay in house.

JJ Abrams will now return to Star Wars to conclude the third trilogy of episodic films for the franchise after overseeing the return of Star Wars with his work on The Force Awakens. While many felt that Abrams was playing it safe with The Force Awakens, you have to wonder if he can let loose a little more knowing he made a film that brought Star Wars back into a good light.

Rian Johnson is finished with The Last Jedi and was the name many fans hoped would take on the reigns of Episode IX, but Johnson stayed very humble and a-political with his answers after hearing that Trevorrow was no longer on the project. Abrams is obviously no stranger to sci-fi or reboots to franchises, but it will be cool to see what he writes post The Last Jedi and the events that take place during Johnson’s take on the story. From what we’re seeing, the studio is definitely following the footsteps of the original trilogy as far as tone for their films. Abrams made a more light, fun first film of that respective trilogy and Johnson appears to be taking the tone of Empire with his.

Return of the Jedi definitely shared both fun and serious tones to cap off the original trilogy so hopefully Abrams – without completely copying Jedi’s story – can revive that magic for audiences again, but with original stories ideas and the established characters we now know and love.



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