Sam Rockwell To Play George Bush In Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney Biopic

If there’s a project that will definitely take us by surprise when it hits theaters, I fully expect it to be Adam McKay’s next project talking about Dick Chaney. With McKay’s transition from straight comedy to surprisingly enthralling political commentary The Big Short, I think we’re all excited to see what the director does next in that same genre.

The cast brings back some of McKay’s big name collaborative talents such as Steve Carrell as two-time defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Amy Adams as Lynne Chaney, Christian Bale as Richard “Dick” Cheney, and now rounding out an already impressive cast is Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush. Now, besides this whole cast being full of Oscar-nominated actors, there seems to be this attraction to McKay movies more-so than ever now that we’ve seen his skill as a sociopolitical film maker when he wants to be, all while making an entertaining movie in the process.

Rockwell may be one of the best actors we don’t talk about as much as we should. We know he’s there and he always steals the scene he’s in. Whether it be his insane performance for Moon or appearing in Iron Man 2 as the smarmy business rival of Tony Stark, Rockwell just seems to ooze charisma in more ways than one while still maintaining a high level of acting quality for each role he’s in. His voice acting in shows like F Is For Family comes to mind when I think of how he’ll pull off the dimwitted southerner stereotype that George W. was constantly mocked for, but he’s even got that smirk to go along with it. I’m not sure this is perfect casting, but it’s damn close.

Oh. Did I mention Bill Pullman will be playing Nelson Rockafeller? Yeah.

Source: Deadline & The Hollywood Reporter


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