DC’s ‘Shazam’ Is Narrowing Its Search For The Lead of Shazam

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DC has and probably will be in flux for a long time if they don’t just commit to their list of films. There’s no real direction anymore and what we thought was a glimmer of hope has faded off in the distance like a hero in a western, but there’s still that glimmer for some of us in the shape of David F. Sandberg’s (Lights Out) live-action adaptation of Shazam for DC. We had been told for awhile that the Shazam film would have The Rock as villain Black Adam, but there wasn’t any movement on the title character’s casting which requires two people… we may finally have some names attached to the running of Shazam.

Fan casting for years have said WWE star John Cena would be a surprisingly good choice for the godlike being with the personality of 13 year old Billy Batson and clearly DC and company feel the same way. Cena as well as Galavant star Joshua Sasse are now the frontrunners for the lead role. I don’t know much about Sasse except that he’s a relative unknown in comparison to Cena and that he’s a talented British actor with exceptional facial hair.

The reason these two in the running is so difficult to figure out is because they’re the best of both worlds. Cena is the physical specimen you’d hope to see from Shazam who is able to easily take on Superman, Wonder Woman, and pretty much everyone else in the DCEU, but on the other hand, a relative unknown would be great too since we would see — in this case Sasse — really establish himself as the character without being distracted by his recognizable career like a Cena would.

Both could easily play a man-child of sorts and their manly personas mixed with childish charm (in a good way) makes perfect sense to consider them both. Cena has definitely started to make a name for himself as an actor by appearing in comedies over the last couple of years to high praise and success no matter how minimal they’ve been. He’s also playing a soldier in the Doug Liman war-thriller The Wall which has received good buzz early on, but even with that shining resume thus far, I think I want to see Sasse. He’s definitely a man with the jaw line and winning smile to take on the physical role, but I’m sure he’s far more seasoned as an actor at this point, and we need not worry about him being too skinny for the part. We know how that goes.

Source: The Hashtag Show


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