What The Hell Is Going On With This Joker Origin Story That Has Scorsese Producing It?

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There’s a lot of confusion on what the hell DC is trying to do all of a sudden with what appears to be a film that doesn’t even involve their attempted Extended Universe. The route they apparently want to take is what comic book readers know as an “elseworld” story, but after getting what looked to be a promising slate of films at San Diego Comic Con, they are again backtracking on everything we thought would work best for them. At this point, I just can’t take it anymore, and I’m one of the few defenders of this process.

What we know is that the film would be an origin story for the Joker, but not Jared Leto’s Joker like you’d think. Instead, the film would be set in the 80’s and feel like some of Scorsese’s earlier work which I guess makes sense considering he is producing this project along with director and co-writer Todd Phillips (The Hangover) who will also write the script with 8 Mile screenwriter Scott Silver. While the first Hangover is a solid comedy, the two sequels that followed were mediocre at best, but Phillips has had a pretty interesting run as a director having helmed Due Date and one of 2016’s underrated films War Dogs. 

It’s one thing to make an origin for the Joker, but with the chaos and uncertainty of the DCEU still looming and barely working itself out as is, why complicate it even further? The best part about the Joker is not knowing his actual origin as to why and how he become the Clowned Prince of Crime. Why not just make a Batman movie with the Joker we already have in an origin style narrative and go from there? Why is there a division of universes with one of the most notable characters of all time while barely dealing with the lackluster performance of Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad?? Fix that first!

I’m never opposed to Scorsese’s influence on anything, he’s my favorite filmmaker of all time, and he could work on a Joker story, but why are we dividing everything now? It’s rumored that Matt Reeves Batman could be completely different than the universe he’s been set up in and that’s exhausting to think about in of itself simply because we don’t know who the heck is going to play him once the trilogy starts shooting. Again, DC is clueless as to what they want for the franchises and its a shame because there was some promise and momentum thanks to the success of Wonder Woman, but all of a sudden they can’t deal with their most popular character they have? Come on man….

Source: Deadline


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