Hellboy Casts Deadpool’s Ed Skrein As Japanese-American Character

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The cast is coming full circle for the reboot of Hellboy starring David Harbour as our new red demon ape. Now we have another familiar face joining the film in the form of Ed Skrein who many became familiar with as Ajax in Deadpool. 

While casting Ed Skrein is a good move as far as getting a quality talent to your film, the classic controversy stirring all across the world wide web is that Skrein, a white British actor, has been cast as a character who was Japanese-American in comic books. The issue is that he was cast as a character who was original Asian-American, but that the character’s traits are heavily influenced by the Japanese culture that is embedded into his mythology.

The character’s name is Ben Daimio who should be portrayed by an actor who can do the character justice, but it’s a shame another original Asian character has been adapted into being a white person. The slew of miserable attempts at “Americanizing” original Asian characters has been painful to observe and its clearly just not working. We saw it with Ghost in the Shell and Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note proving that people don’t want to see great original Asian characters taken from their fans, me included.

If Skrein was cast in the film as anyone else I’d be heavily on board and it’s never the talent of the actors cast being in question, but rather their fit for the role they’re offered or trying out for. It’s disappointing to say the least and it’d be frustrating to see them make his character Japanese in some ridiculous way or make him European and switch the mythology around like we saw in Doctor Strange with the Ancient One.

Source: Deadline


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