Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Joins ‘Chaos Walking’ With Tom Holland & Daisy Ridley

Image result for kurt sutterDirector Doug Liman has been offered countless projects in the last fews years thanks to his success with the Tom Cruise and Emily Blount sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow and has since been attached to plenty of big name films since then. Originally set to direct the Channing Tatum led Gambit film only to drop out due to creative differences and an inflated budget. He was also set to direct Justice League Dark only to drop out yet again. He returned to directing Tom Cruise in this years cartel comedy with Tom Cruise appropriately titled American Made and also directed John Cena in a small “war film” in The Wall set for release later this year.

To say he’s been busy is an understatement, but one of the other projects on his list includes Chaos Walking, an award-winning sci-fi novel where the world is able to hear and see everyone around them’s thoughts. Todd (Holland) may have the key to solving this maddening problem when he meets a young woman (Daisy Ridley) who could finally break them of their maddening infliction.

While I never watched Sons of Anarchy, there’s no secret there are fans of series and critics who call it one of the best shows ever created. That’s where most of us got our introduction to break out star Charlie Hunnam while also seeing familiar faces like Ron Perlman, Sutter himself, and many others.

Sutter will play Cillian, a rough and tough farmer who also happens to be Todd’s father figure. While I’m sure Sutter himself is probably an incredibly cool, kind, and sweet dude, he definitely looks the part to at least portray a bad ass, especially after his role on Sons of Anarchy which pretty much required you to become a bad ass.  Oh, and did I mention the script was written by Charlie Kaufman? Yeah. The guy who gave us Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 

Source: Deadline


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