Original Deadpool Director Tim Miller To Adapt ‘Neuromancer’ For Fox

Image result for tim millerEven though Tim Miller isn’t returning for the sequel to Fox’s Rated-R smash hit Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds, he is making sure to maintain a busy schedule with projects galore. Next up on the list appears to be another adaptation, but in the form of a 1984 cyberpunk-sci-fi story titled Neuromancer written by William Gibson.

Miller himself a huge geek and he’s proud to show it. His history of being an animator was the main reason Deadpool even happened. It was because of that test footage with Ryan Reynolds’ voice over that the film got kickstarted at all. Once the film hit theaters, the rest was vulgar history. The movie was a success financially and critically and Miller proved he could direct a movie even as a first timer.

William Gibson, iconic writer of the cyberpunk genre and well known for his Sprawl trilogy wrote the original novel. One of the many influential pieces of literature that brought the ideas of going into virtual reality to the forefront presents the name of the virtual world known as the Matrix. The book went on to win countless awards and has had a couple directors attached in the past with nothing coming of it. Miller is also set to direct a live-action/animated hybrid adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog for Sony as well as Influx for Fox as well.

Clearly Miller is a fan of science fiction and bringing to life really fascinating ideas to his eventual movies and if Deadpool was any indication of what he can do, it will be interesting to see where he chooses to go and grow as a film maker beyond raunchy comedies with lots of blood.

Source: Deadline


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