(Watch) First Official Look At Darren Aronofsky’s Horror Film ‘mother!’ Makes You Not Want Visitors

Gotta love Jennifer Lawrence cast as a character who is married or in relations with a clearly older man. Am I right?! Besides the clear and ever so frustrating nature of that detail in her movies of late, Darren Aronofsky brings us an original horror film of his own creation that also has Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer in the film about what appears to be an obsessive slash intruder horror flick of supernatural proportion.

Obviously Aronofksy is no stranger to really dark and chilling narrative in his films, but this official leap into a horror film should be exciting for fans of the genre as well as the cast involved. It’s a recipe for success with what looks to be a really strong plot that may or may not shock us into a grim submission.

I will say this about Jennifer Lawrence, she is suited for films like this. Her skill-set doesn’t lend well to blockbusters like we had hoped, but when she is locked onto these heavy dramas like we’ve seen her in recent years, she shines. Sometimes she looks over the top or just downright bored when she was playing Mystique, but there is something about her that becomes far more subtle when she gets scripts from a David O. Russell and I think there will be a similar effect from Aronofsky.


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