Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen Is Now Just Called ‘Hellboy’


While we’ve all been reporting the rebooted film franchise as Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, we now have to call it something else far less specific. Instead of maintaining the detailed subtitle for the film, the film will now be simply Hellboy.

Of all the decisions to make, I can picture the pitch meeting for the official title sounding like, “no, that’s too specific, one word titles are in. Let’s just call it… Hellboy!” then the assistant tells the big wig at Lionsgate how they already called the original Hellboy movie just Hellboy, but ultimately the big wig brings out exotic dancers and pops champagne at his oh-so brilliant idea.

This is such a dumb switch. Now instead of being able to differentiate the films with their titles we have to say the original one or the rebooted one.

In all seriousness I won’t care in t-minus five seconds, but I liked Rise of the Blood Queen as the main difference of the films. Whatever. That was just the working title for the film anyways. It could very well get another title change once it starts shooting this November.

Source: Bloody Disgusting



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