Hellboy Reboot Finds Its Blood Queen In Milla Jovovich

Image result for milla jovovich hellboyNeill Marshall and company seem to be creating a really strong return to an underrated character in Hellboy. While Guillermo del Toro started the original franchise to moderate financial success only to have the studios not green light the large budget he wanted, it was sadly time for the reboot to happen. David Harbour will portray Hellboy post Stranger Things fame alongside recently cast Ian McShane as Professor Trevor Broom.

The film has Hellboy creator Mike Mignola on as a producer and writer of the film as well. The subtitle of the film will be Rise of the Blood Queen and it sounds like they are close to casting their Blood Queen. Sci-fi and horror regular Milla Jovovich, who is noted for her role in The Fifth Element has also made a living on starring the less than stellar Resident Evil franchise as of late, but has also had reoccurring roles in the Zoolander franchise as well as Katinka Ingabogovinanana.

Marshall will have a lot of fun on this project if he brings what he’s brought to his other films and noteable episodes of Game of Thrones. His respect for practical effects and atmosphere both in horror and fantasy alike are perfect for this adaptation and appears to be showing its potential with each casting report going forward.

Source: Deadline


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