New Line Comedy ‘Tag’ Adds Brian Dennehy To Already Impressive Cast

Image result for tag jeff tomsicNot much has been mentioned about the new comedy starring Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Hannibal Burress, Jake Johnson, and now Brian Dennehy, but with just those names mentioned, we’d be wise to keep our eyes peeled for what else will come of this new comedy film. Jess Tomsic will be directing the film and has started production down south in Atlanta, one of the new hubs for being able to shoot all kinds of films, including The Avengers and all the other Marvel films.

As the title hints at, rather on the nose, the film centers around a group of friends who have been playing one of the most intense games of tag you’ve ever seen. Dennehy will play Johnson’s father.

Besides the tremendous cast being released to the public there’s really not much else to know about the film beyond it’s summer release date of July 29, 2018. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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