First Look At Josh Brolin’s Cable Is Officially Here

Image result for josh brolin cableThe master of marketing himself, Ryan Reynolds, has revealed the much anticipated first look at Josh Brolin’s Cable for Deadpool 2. Clearly Brolin has been hitting the gym hardcore for the role and hasn’t shied away from embracing his respective role for the Fox Studios film.

We have also seen the official reveal for Zazie Beetz as Deadpool’s counterpart and fellow mutant Domino with a terrific return to the original promo image from the first Deadpool film. You can see both pictures down below.

Image result for zazie beetz domino

Obviously these are images to be really excited about. Not only does Brolin look the part, but Reynolds has a terrific tweet to match. There’s not much else to say beyond the fact that this sequel can’t come soon enough. It will interesting to see the action by John Wick co-director David Leitch in this film and how he will shoot everything for his first superhero film. Regardless of that, his sensibilities are going to really work for this type of film flavor and there’s a laundry list of reasons to be stoked for what is yet to come.



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