Cate Blanchett To Star As Lucille Ball In Aaron Sorkin Scripted Biopic For Amazon


Any time Cate Blanchett is mentioned there will always be instant credibility to the project, but the same goes for Aaron Sorkin. Pair them up with a new studio such as Amazon who have been doing great things with their original television content along with producing award winning films such as Love and Friendship, Cafe Society, and Manchester by the Sea, it makes sense they’d want the trend to continue with really high caliber projects such as a Lucille Ball biopic.

Sure, maybe it’d be nice to have had a female screenwriter for the project to encapsulate the comedic icon, but Sorkin is still damn good. Famous for his walk and talk style of writing that is most seen in films such as The Social Network, Moneyball, and A Few Good Men. 

Lucille Ball, most well known for her iconic roles as Lucy in I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Here’s Lucy. Ball has won 4 Emmy’s and was nominated an impressive 14 times while becoming one of the most iconic comedians of the talkie era. Blanchett has won an Oscar for playing another iconic actor in The Aviator alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as Katharine Hepburn. Blanchett is one of, if not the best actress alive only behind Meryl Streep, and she is a throwback actress of the highest order with one of the most diverse lists of roles for any actor of any gender.

The film is titled Lucy and Desi, but currently does not have a director. It would be interesting to see if Sorkin himself takes on the directing since he’s been quoted as saying he wants to take a stab at being in the directors chair as well as writing. I personally would want to see another quality director take on this film rather than if Sorkin was to take his attempt at directing with such a potentially great film and I have a gut feeling that he’s smart enough to let someone else take the reigns for now.

Source: Variety


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