Star Wars: Episode IX Gets A New Writer

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With Episode VIII coming to theaters later this year, we can assure audiences that Rian Johnson has his film covered, but that story he may have had a hand in creating could be up for debate with this news.

Jack Thorne, best known for his written work on stage productions as well as the upcoming Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay film Wonder, will take on the writing duties for the ninth installment of the Star Wars episodes. Director Kevin Travorrow and his writing partner Derek Connelly had been working on the script, but the rumor is that the script was in need of a new perspective and “fresher set of eyes” says THR. 

Obviously LucasFilm has had trouble just maintaining what they have for their latest movies, but hopefully this is just a way of them taking out the problems before they come to life. We’ve seen the troubles with Young Han Solo and the firing of Lord and Miller and the studio bringing on Ron Howard to complete the production of the film, but the trend is also that the studio doesn’t seem to like what they get after they let it marinate for too long.

It’s uncertain as to what extent Thorne will be re-writing the film, but “re-write” often means a lot of the story. If there is news that Thorne takes on a “page one re-write” then assume that the script just wasn’t cutting it for Kathleen Kennedy (head of LucasFilm). Thankfully for her and audiences, the film doesn’t come to theaters until May 24th, 2019 and they can hopefully work out any kinks to the story that they can.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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