(Watch) New ‘IT’ Trailer If You Want To Float Too…

This sh** is scary and I love it. I don’t usually do horror movies, but I’ve been really excited about this version of the iconic Stephen King novel. The hype has been hear and it will only grow with each trailer and piece of promo work like this. Skarsgard looks frightening as Pennywise and the imagery seems beautiful in the scariest of ways.

The pacing seemed near flawless with not showing too many of the scares while still giving us our main cast and what is to come for the children. This is basically the original Stranger Things but in a seriously Rated-R world and clowns…

I can’t believe how excited this has made me for this film, but if the director has done a great a job as these trailers possibly hint at then this could make some serious cash and gain a lot of praise from fans and critics where horror films are only improving their genre with each passing film it seems.


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