(Watch) George Clooney Directing A Coen Brother Script? I Mean Yeah I Guess

This couldn’t get more Coen if it tried too. With real life friends and collaborators alike, George Clooney takes on the directing duties to what appears a very Coen Brother story idea set in 1959 about a quiet suburban town that gets hit with a mysterious wave of criminal activity with Matt Damon’s character set in the middle of it all.

With the dark comedy that the Coen’s are known for writing as well as bringing on Clooney to act it all out, this seems right up everyone’s alley, and with Damon playing the tie wearing father with some dark secrets we could get something pretty quirky and fun… or we could get an overly silly jumbled mess.

It’s funny that the Coen’s aren’t directing as many films nowadays, but are constantly writing these stories for other people. They wrote Bridge of Spies which was directed by Spielberg then they did a treatment on this new Scarface movie, they aren’t slowing down by any means. Clooney is a hot or cold director, but usually shows off the visual style he has honed over the years to look similar to the Coen Brothers in more ways than one.


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