Rick Famuyiwa In Talks To Direct Adaptation of Graphic Novel ‘Son of Shaolin’

Image result for son of shaolin

Dope director Rick Famuyiwa could be getting the backing for an adaptation of Son of Shaolin by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as well as Dany Garcia. Famuyiwa was one of the directors originally on for Warner Bros. The Flash, but has since dropped out and will move to possibly direct this next graphic novel adaptation.

Jay Longino and Caanan White are the creators of this original graphic novel that fuses modern day teens living in a neighborhood being gentrified while our main protagonist, a struggling street artist, discovers that he is the last in his blood line and must survive a ruthless killer. Longino has written the script for Sony who will be producing the film.

Famuyiwa showed us all in 2015 that he’s great at making films with teenagers that actually have something clever, honest, and entertaining to say while just being fun to watch. This doesn’t get much more up his alley and with Famuyiwa being from LA, a place where gentrification of black neighborhoods is clear as day, this could be something just as special as Dope. 

Having him direct an action drama like this with source material being a graphic novel, we could see a lot of growth from the director as a blockbuster film maker. Him turning down The Flash could easily become a blessing in disguise if this turns out the way we hope it does.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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