John Wick To Officially Become An Expanded Universe At Lionsgate With ‘Ballerina’ Script

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Nothing is safe. Nothing is safe from becoming an expanded or extended universe, but what’s just insane and inspiring to me is that a 23 year old writer’s assistant for Robert Downey Jr.’s production company is writing the script. Yes, I know. The guy is literally living a dream anyone in this industry could want, getting to write a script to a major property in the vein of two of the coolest directors of all time in Matthew Vaughn and Quentin Tarantino.

If you don’t know what the f**k that last part meant, I’ll tell you. Shay Hatton, our lucky 23 year old screenwriter, is said to have been a huge fan of people like Shane Black who has done some of the more stylized films whether as a director or as a writer, and Hatton’s script will be in the vein of films said directors have done.

Expanding on the John Wick universe is actually pretty cool to think about. Normally this would be a pain in the pass to write about, but there is so much richness to the simple story of assassins doing what assassins do, going to hotels in nice suits with fancy coins. Ballerina sounds like it will be heavily inspired by Luc Besson’s breakout film La Femme Nikita which is also about a female assassin.

Possibly seeing a pulp style action film like this could be really enjoyable to watch and obviously the guy must have some serious promise as a writer or he wouldn’t be getting this chance.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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