Bond 25 Shortlist Of Directors Gets Even Shorter With Yann Demange Taking The Lead

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With Daniel Craig supposedly still remaining our Bond for at least one more film, Eon and MGM are making sure they replace Sam Mendes behind the camera and their original shortlist of directors included Arrival’s Denis Villenueve, David McKenzie (Hell or High Water), and our now front runner Yann Demange (71).

The film is planning to be released in November of 2019 with Craig returning as Bond and possibly even Adele to sing the theme once again.

The film had been distributed at Sony for the last few movies, but has now lost its rights to the property and is being auctioned to the highest bidder with Warner Brothers looking like the studio that could win out.

Going back to the directors for a moment, it’s no real surprise that Villenueve would be on the list after all the consistent work he’s put out over the last five years or so, but he seems like he’s too busy finally making science fiction which he’s stated is a genre he’s always wanted to work in. Not to mention he was confirmed to be directing Dune next which is huge for any sci-fi fan to hear.

Demange has been praised on his work on 71 which starred Jack O’Connell about a British soldier lost in riots of Belfast Ireland. He has also finished working with Matthew McCaunaghy on a new film titled White Boy Rick. 

Source: Variety


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