(Watch) New Trailer For ‘Stranger Things Season 2’ Has Us All Singing Thriller Until Halloween

With Spielberg’s Ready Player One trailer definitely impressing us all today, it was nice to get something else to look forward too in that same vane. There are so many great 80’s inspired works out there that are managing to capitalize the best parts of a decade and Stranger Things was easily one of them. It took the world by storm as the bingeworthy Netflix original about four young boys who discover some otherworldly beings and secrets that manage to keep their small town weird as hell.

Seeing the aftermath of what happened with the first season, it seems like the show picks off right where it left us. We see plenty of the faces we originally saw and fell in love with, but also see a bit more of a budget in certain scenes as well. Obviously with the massive success the show garnered, I think it’d be safe to have thrown them a couple extra dollars to fix up some CGI like I’m seeing.

Vincent Price’s iconic Thriller voice over definitely won me over as well. It was such a terrific marketing idea to have the series come out on Halloween, but it’s even smarter to have your first official trailer have the man who gave us one of the most iconic voice overs ever in Vincent Price. It all just worked so well and felt like a perfect Stephen King slash Spielberg style trailer like the show shoots for.


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