SDCC: (Watch) Thor & Hulk Won’t Let Ragnarok Stop Their Winning Chemistry

While Warner Bros. completely owned the day at San Diego Comic Con, you already knew that Marvel would have something to bring us back to a different tempo. Director Taika Waititi definitely has his own original style of film making which is most evident in his dialogue and banter given to the characters. The perfect fusion of color, excitement, and stakes are in full force with his trailer and I have too admit, I love it.

Having Hulk speak a little more is actually pretty cool, especially since in some comics he is able to have better speech on different planets or in different surroundings. He eventually gets a better grasp on the talking as time passes so it’s cool to see him doing almost a fusion of Yoda and a caveman. Thor being hammerless is also fascinating, but will present some cool and probably really funny challenges for our god of thunder.

Cate Blanchett in anything is a win.

Overall, I’m excited to see these two characters embrace their humor with Waititi at the helm as opposed to directors from the past that have done Thor and Hulk. All in all, it seems like anything that’s not on Earth wants to follow the James Gunn model and have lasers, colorful costumes, and a sh** ton of comedy, but this seems to lend itself to the best of all those worlds.


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