(Watch) The Return of Sci-Fi Spielberg Is Here With Official ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer

There is no better place for a film adaptation like Ready Player One to be released than at San Diego Comic Con. Spielberg and company have brought the live-action adaptation of the best selling sci-fi adventure novel of the same name that gives homage to all nerd culture of the 80’s and so on.

This is a book I was suggested to read and finished in no time at all. The story of Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) is one of discovery, humor, and nerdy excitement that will make anyone a fan of comics, movies, and video games drool with every passing Easter egg – pun intended if you read the book – that you get to see. As for me, that shot in the beginning with the Iron Giant almost made me scream with excitement. Knowing this adaptation which has been described as faithful to the story, but original(?) fascinates me.

This trailer gave me Tron vibes in the best kind of ways, but did seem to linger on the racing portion of the film. In the book I can’t remember too many scenes described as death races. Hopefully this was more to tease the type of exciting world we’ll be getting ourselves into instead of completely deleting all the things we knew and loved about the book which possesses endless amounts of pop culture references as well as heartfelt character moments that reveal honest and genuine character tropes that made the book so refreshing.


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