SDCC: ‘The Flash’ Movie Could Be Getting A Makeover To Follow ‘Flashpoint’ Storyline

Image result for flashpoint comic

The real winners at San Diego Comic Con thus far has got to be DC (again) since they have the most mystery behind their upcoming films. One of their properties besides The Batman that has gone through directors galore has been The Flash. If the rumors about Ben Affleck are true and he is about to get an exit from the franchise whether he wants too or not, having the Flash as a character means you always have a red “restart” button.

As we know of the Scarlet Speedster, he’s fast, but he’s also a big fan of ruining and fixing timelines. He’s done it in the comics for years and is the reason behind two of the largest events in comic books. Regardless of whether or not this timeline jumping story changes the outcome of anything Batman related, it will also be one of the few “elseworld” types of stories we would have gotten beyond Logan. What I mean by that is that the storyline would be separate to a degree from the mainstream stories we get from previous films. They connect, but are altered due to time travel.

There is still no director signed on for the film, but the rumors are still that the studio is eyeing Robert Zemeckis to try and direct the film. This could be huge just because of his name recognition, but also because he’s good at time travel movies i.e. Back to the Future. With the original Flashpoint storyline, we see a new Batman and a world destroyed and thrown into chaos thanks to a certain character that messes with Barry Allen. The story almost feels like it was hinted at in the latest Justice League Trailer with the world they’re on looking like an alternate version of Earth or something close to it.

Heck, X-Men is pretty good at altering timelines and fixing their problems, why not the same thing with The Flash? There’s a lot to explore in a movie about time travel, but let’s hope if this is true that they still focus on Barry Allen and his journey to becoming The Flash because it’s a very heartbreaking story that warrants the big screen treatment. The comic is excellent and was even made into one of DC’s famous animated tellings of the story.


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