SDCC: Newe Justice League Poster Mixes Alex Ross and Queen To Make Something Totally Bad Ass

I couldn’t even begin to imagine why there is so much hate for these posters (you know who are *wink wink*), but with the Justice League comic Kingdom Come being some of the best work in comic history with the best art (in my opinion) in comic history, as well as Queen being one of my favorite bands, this poster is majestic as f**k.

Image result for justice league poster

Not only is this artwork a glowing reflection of the past works as previously mentioned, but it proves there is plenty of color in the DCEU while still maintaining their grittier characters along the way. Seeing the details and clever usage of their symbols works for me completely. Batman not having his eyes visible is just stuff out of legend and seeing Cyborg and Flash’s detail and faces more proves they aren’t trying to hide anyone in while they continue to push forward.

With Joss Whedon taking over the reshoots of Justice League, maybe the people mad at the “dark tone” of the previous films can lighten up…


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