Is Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Film Finally Rising From The Ashes At Blumhouse Productions?

One of the greatest and coolest comic book characters has somehow been in limbo when it comes to getting his own rebooted franchise. Todd McFarlane’s beautifully ugly creation aka Spawn has been a character that fans want to see on film, but for whatever reason can’t let his creator let go of his control on the character in any way.

McFarlane, the iconic artist for some of the best Spider-Man comics out there, was a pioneer in the comic book world for a long time, but faded due to an overly large amount of success and arrogance some would say, but his creation of Spawn is one of the best things to happen to comics. Sadly, McFarlane and America’s disappointment with the first Spawn film proved to be a killer when it came to adapting the demon for the silver screen yet again.

McFarlane stated he would not let anyone touch his character and would write and direct a film on his own, but no studio was willing to back the project since McFarlane is no director that warranted a ton of money to make his first project.

Michael Jai White originally portrayed Al Simmons, the mercenary burned alive only to be reborn into a hell spawn. White was definitely not the issue as his powerful voice and physique and solid acting sold what was otherwise a pretty lame adaptation that came out almost two decades too early. McFarlane stated in the past that he was planning on a Rated-R version of the character that would be more horror centric rather than anti-hero. Thanks to a supposed video confirmation with Kevin Smith on the subject, it sounds like they are finally starting to get the production going.

Blumhouse is definitely the place you want to be if you are trying get a strong career going in film without breaking the bank or producing total crap in the process. Blumhouse has revived M. Night Shyamalan’s career and made Jordan Peele a household name as a director instead of just a great comedic sketch artist. This could easily be one of their biggest scale films they’ve done if they do indeed manage to get the ball rolling with this new Spawn reboot.

Source: Todd McFarlane


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