It Sounds Like The Possibility of Ben Affleck As Batman Could Be Over

The downfall of a once promising plan for a new Batman trilogy is taking on a new life with Matt Reeves on board to direct and write the film. Affleck eventually dropped out of directing and his script has been completely scrapped, but will still play the iconic role until further notice.

One of the most controversial aspects of Batman v Superman occurred before the film ever started shooting and eventually became the saving grace for what is a polarizing film overall. Affleck was not the problem, quite the contrary, but the man is an auteur film maker who is used to having power and control over his projects. The nature of the DCEU has been mottled for a long time up until a few months ago and the rumors of Affleck leaving may be another sign of a change in the tide.

There is no official word on when Affleck steps down from the role – if he does at all – but it sounds like Warner Bros. is trying to prepare for that situation regardless which may explain the delays and hopeful release date for The Batman since Matt Reeves has come on board. A solo Nightwing film is in the works with director Chris McKay seems to be working on the next steps to get this film going with McKay responding to a question on Twitter about what a Nightwing movie needs. His response was honest and very exciting:

If Affleck was to step down from the role and the studio decides to either kill him off or retire him in the universe, it could be very possible that whomever they cast as Dick Grayson aka The First Robin aka Nightwing, we could see some Batman: Black Mirror stuff happen, and if you don’t know what I mean, treat yourself to the amazing noir style Batman story that has Dick Grayson taking the cape and cowl as Batman. That’s a direction I could definitely see Reeves going with his Hitchcockian Batman if he wanted too.

It’s should be noted that Affleck is also still treating himself for alcohol addiction. If Affleck feels he needs to step away from the grueling work of being Batman, that’s the best kind of reason you can get. If it’s just Affleck loosing interest entirely then that’s also fine I guess. I don’t want to see him go because I think what he brings helped create the coolest and my personal favorite Batman on screen after only one movie. His role in Justice League will obviously be pretty substantial, but with Joss Whedon helming the reshoots of the film, it’s possible that Affleck’s role could be cut more to make the transition easier.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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