(Watch) Gary Oldman Is Unrecognizable As Winston Churchill in ‘Darkest Hours’ Trailer

When we discuss our favorite actors we name the obvious, but there is also that slight hesitation until we mention Gary Oldman and it’s roles like this that make us realize just how lost he gets into all of his roles. Oldman is famous for transforming in all of his films and this is no different, but only this time he is truly hidden behind some terrific make-up.

The trailer itself is something I’ve flip-flopped with while watching it simply because the cinematography makes it look like it’s more of a spoofy comedy rather than some roaring drama, even the scene where he’s interrupting someone who interrupted him felt weirdly place, even though I liked that scene a ton. It captures plenty of the war room discussion as well as the skepticism many people had of him coming on as Prime Minister which was fine, but I was hoping for more of a King’s Speech type of vibe to it than what we got.

Even if the movie disappoints, it’s clear that this cast will deliver on their respective roles, especially our lead who never manages to give a bad performance.  Director Joe Wright is very much a hit or miss director, but if there’s one thing he’s proven to be adequate at it’s period dramas.


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