Matt Reeves Scraps Ben Affleck Script & Aims For 2019 Release Date

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Matt Reeves is clearly planting his flags in the DCEU with swift and exact execution thus far. His statements about the film going a route that is more noir than previous Batman films is incredibly exciting if you’re a fan of Batman comics over the years and Reeves seems to have the right idea when it comes to getting the character in a direction that is palpable to the character’s best traits as a hero and it sounded like Ben Affleck’s original script just wasn’t going to cut it.

I compare this when Chuck Noll came on as the Steelers head coach back in 1969 and how his philosophy was basically “you aren’t losing because you lack heart, but simply because you’re not very good”, and that’s what it feels like Matt Reeves is doing, he’s the coach and he’s going to run it his way. Scrapping Affleck’s script is for the best regardless if you ask me and it seems like no one is complaining. Affleck himself kept saying he wouldn’t move on with The Batman if the script wasn’t of a quality he found worthy so Reeves stating that he won’t use said script makes perfect sense.

With everything I’m hearing about War For the Planet of the Apes, Reeves has every right to do what works best for him to make a great movie. It also doesn’t hurt that Reeves sees a lot of connections between Caesar (Andy Serkis) and Batman when it comes to emotional journeys, but the backlash of throwing away an entire script is that now they are starting over entirely which means a new release date for the film.

2019 seems to the date for the studio and company to release the long awaited film, but we’d all rather them get it right instead of rush films like they did early on so be thankful Wonder Woman has managed to course correct the ship. Of course, 2019 is just a number at this point, but looks to be the preferred time for the film to finish production unless the script comes out quickly and reads like an Edgar Allen Poe poem.

More time for the film to properly come together is the only thing they should be worrying about and if Reeves is going to stay signed on like they want, it’d be wise to let the man make his film and not rush him like they did with David Ayer on Suicide Squad. DC changes their plans all the time, as we clearly see, and this may all change sooner than we know.

Source: Variety


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