Tarantino Developing Movie Based On Manson Murders With Brad Pitt & Jennifer Lawrence Eyed For Lead Roles

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With talks about his eventual retirement always looming on his great career, Tarantino is still developing his next script that will tackle the true life story of the Manson murders. Tarantino has been eyeing his Inglorious Basterds lead Brad Pitt for another lead role in the film while Jennifer Lawrence has been approached for a role as well.

Tarantino has dabbled in time periods that are familiar to the general going audience while taking liberties on the source materials. This specific story is of the murder of actress and wife of director Roman Polanski Sharon Tate, who supposedly will not be the role Lawrence is up for.

The untitled film is aiming for a 2018 summer shoot where the Weinsteins will again produce and deliver the film package to a big studio to finance the film, the same way they did with Basterds back in 2009.

Q.T. is no stranger to controversy by any means, but his style works well with fictional worlds he creates because they aren’t real people. It will be interesting to see if he does what he did with Basterds and create a fictional world within imagery that we’re familiar with or if he is more or less creating a Tarantino-like biopic for the story.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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