Margot Robbie Could Portray Sharon Tate In Tarantino’s Manson Family Murder Drama

Image result for sharon tate margot robbie

Tarantino’s latest film project is catching fire with its possible topic of the murder of Sharon Tate due to the maniacs of the Manson Family back in the 60’s and its possible Tarantino could have his Tate.

Nothing is confirmed about anyone’s casting beyond Brad Pitt for the film, but it sounds like Jennifer Lawrence and now Margot Robbie are circling the cast for the film. No one knows which direction the film is going, but rumors that I keep hearing through the grapevine is that the film could possible be a post murder court room style drama.

Brad Pitt has been rumored to portray either a prosecutor or the detective aiming to figure out the murder case of Tate later on. Regardless of what we don’t know about the film, let’s assume Robbie gets signed on for the film because she’s almost ideal for the role and her star is only shining more and more.

Source: ScreenRant


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