First Image For Steven Spielberg’s Adaptation of ‘Ready Player One’ Is Here

Having just finished reading the book by author Ernest Cline, I’ve only been more excited for this movie to reveal itself to the public. When Spielberg was reported to have started another project, which we now know is titled The Papers, I was afraid Ready Player One was going to take a backseat to the newest Oscar caliber film, but it appears we are still very much getting the adaptation.

To help explain this picture, Ty Sheridan (Mud, X-Men: Apocalypse) is Wade Watts, a high school age young man whose world consists of a virtual reality system known as the Oasis. The journey of Wade is one of humor, nostalgia, and even love, but it all happens through the Oasis.

I don’t want to tell you anymore about the plot or the characters, but just know that this is an accurate depiction of what the book describes. Sheridan is definitely a good choice as Wade and was the only person I was picturing once I learned he was the actor taking on the role. If Spielberg returns to form with his sci-fi adventure films then we are in for something really special. The source material is descriptive and vivid in detail when it comes to just about everything so I wouldn’t be shocked if Spielberg takes that too heart.

The book is full of 80’s references of all kinds, but as the narrator says, it’s got references to 80’s fashion, movies, but of all else, video games. Usually when pictures drop it means that the trailer isn’t too far off, but with San Diego Comic-Con coming up it’s likely they’ll try to make their marketing push towards their respective demographic to create positive buzz first then release more photos and video after the event.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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