David Ayer Drops Out Of ‘Scarface’ Remake [UPDATE]

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[UPDATE] We didn’t know why Ayer dropped out, but the new rumor is that his pitch was “too dark” for the studio’s liking. If that’s true then that’s complete bullsh**. The 1983 version of the film is not exactly a Pixar movie in it’s own right so I don’t really know why or how they would want a version any less than “dark” especially having it deal with the Mexican cartels.

My fear is that the studio wants to make it PG-13 and attempt to cash in on the brand name. David Ayer is a very good director and has proven so in the past, but Suicide Squad seems to be the film that the studio made and not really his vision like he claims – I’m just not buying that what we got was his movie. It’s also possible Ayer just didn’t want to deal with more studio meddling and I totally get that. Why hire a director for Scarface who doesn’t get to make a grim and dark crime drama?

I’m starting to think that this new Scarface is going down the same route as The Flash over at Warner Bros. Originally, Antoine Fuqua was set to direct this remake of a remake, but dropped out to work on another remake of a remake in The Magnificent Seven and then his sequel to The Equalizer.

Since then, we heard that the Coen’s were giving a treatment to the script and Ayer was the next man up to direct the film, that’s not the case anymore.

Diego Luna is set to play the new Scarface in present day that deals with the Mexican cartels of modern times instead of cocaine in the 80’s with the struggles of Cuba and Florida or Italians with prohibition.

Not much is known as to why Ayer dropped from the project, but its more and more likely that he will be able to work on Gotham City Sirens starring Margot Robbie and many female villains of the DCEU, specifically the Batman rogues, which Robbie will produce.

Source: Variety



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