(Watch) A Slightly More Redeeming International Trailer For ‘The Dark Tower’ Shows Off Elba and McCaunaghy

The trailers haven’t been as captivating as we’ve hoped they’d be for the Stephen King epic turned movie adaptation, but the hope was that even with underwhelming trailers, McConaughey and Elba would carry the load on their backs. This trailer as a whole is still not particularly jaw dropping in any way if we’re being honest, but at least it’s cut well while making sure not to spoil anything.

My fear is that this movie is going to be a victim of poor choice in how to adapt such an epic novel series. Big books like The Dark Tower series should have Lord of the Rings like care and I mean that in a way that allows the film makers and writers to film something as epic as its source material.

From what I’ve been seeing with this set of trailers is a film that wants to focus more on the cliche action of most summer blockbusters nowadays while giving us an aesthetic that doesn’t seem to look any different from other action films that come out every year. Instead of giving us a dystopian world that has western meets fantasy, we’re getting another blue tinted shoot-em-up with really cool actors to compensate for a lack of what appears to be genuine atmosphere.


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