‘Hitman’ Producer To Adapt ‘Spencer & Locke’ Comic Book

Image result for spencer and locke comic

While I have no clue what this comic is, the descriptions alone about the style and tone of the comics is described as “Calvin and Hobbes meets Sin City”. Tell me that didn’t perk up your nips. Just kidding, don’t tell me anything about your nipples, ever.

Other descriptions about the comic are described as Tarantino-like with the violence and dark humor, something I can happily say I love, but the originality of this idea is what excites me the most. The story about a young detective who finds his childhood crush brutally murdered and goes to his partner to help solve the mystery. Oh, did we mention that his partner is an imaginary biped tiger?

There’s no director or actors or scribe for the film, but producer Adrian Askarieh is spearheading the project in hopes of getting his pitch package to Constantin Film known for their work on the Resident Evil franchise.

An original comic like this with an aesthetic that feels like a Frank Miller project has endless potential to be a cool and original series of films, but anything involving the Resident Evil franchise in any way concerns me, and I’d be shocked that it wouldn’t want to find a home at a more reputable studio.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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