Warner Bros. Could Possibly Avoid “Auteur Directors” To Save Money

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Warner Bros. is easily my favorite studio, why I do not know, but they have not been making the money they should be as being one of the biggest studios in Hollywood. They’re DC properties are hopefully only going to go up *shield* thanks to Wonder Woman, but if you look beyond the comic book films, they’re other films have not been as financially successful as they should be.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a recent bomb for the studio and let’s not forget Live By Night which may have been the catalyst for Ben Affleck dropping out of directing The Batman which Matt Reeves has now signed on for. With these hits to the wallet being so large, Warner Bros. is finally just choosing to be a little more honed in on which projects they give all the final cuts to as well as over inflated budgets. That’s where the new President of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich  who ran Warner’s branch company New Line Cinemas where he focused on smaller budget films and where the new phrase “New Line-ization” of film budgets comes into play.

Don’t panic, I know, I was scared too when I read all of this, but this won’t be changing the formula for the larger budget films which is conflicting for me. An auteur is a director who also writes their films, think Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wed Anderson etc. Those are all people who get final cut and say on their films, but they’re also people who don’t make CGI heavy films nor have they made bad films. That’s the difference here from what I can tell.

Final cut more or less translates to how much control you have on the final product of how the film looks. If you have the power to influence how the final cut of the film has, you pretty much have total control. This is I’m sure one of the first of many transitions the studio needs to make to become the iconic studio that gave us Harry Potter, Batman, The Matrix, Casablanca and obviously so much more.

If the studio can figure out how to make films with smaller budgets and properly dispersed control of the films final cuts then I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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