Possible Plot Details About Revealed For Wonder Woman Sequel


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I think it’s clear that Wonder Woman is a certified hit with fans and critics while becoming the film that can make DC fans and doubters alike hopeful again. While it’s not confirmed that director Patty Jenkins will direct the sequel, we’re all pretty confident she will, but Warner Bros. still has a fairly large list of films they need to get through first before making the sequel. For now, we can at least start speculating what era the film will take place thanks to ScreenRant and a familiar face possible making his triumphant return.

For those that saw the movie, you know that Steve Trevor supposedly blew up in a plane carrying a bunch of explosives which eventually caused Diana to shift into a screaming mess. The next question was if we’d see Chris Pine again and if so, where and when would we see him return? It sounds like the sequel won’t be during the timeline of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, but rather during the 80’s that would deal with Diana taking on the Soviet Union during the end stages of the Cold War.

If this ends up being the plan and idea they want to go towards at the studio, I think they’d be wise to maintain what they have. Having a hero story taking place during time periods that don’t have to lead to other films is exactly what I and plenty of fans want. Sure, we like the tie ins once in awhile, but not everything has to feed into a story about the Justice League. Wonder Woman proved that audiences just want to see a cool character doing cool things in her own movie(s).

Wonder Woman’s comics in the the 80’s were very much reflections of the times setting Diana in a world with vibrancy, fun, and espionage, all details that make a quality Austin Powers sequel might I point out. If they’re switching from the war time elements of the film then I’d be perfectly fine with that, but I’m curious with how the story Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins are creating will manage to bring Pine’s Steve Trevor back to life. As comic book fans know, no one really ever dies, at least not forever, and Pine is too big a star to kill off so easily. We’ll just have to wait and see and hope that Justice League leads to promise this year with her character as well everything else tying into this universe.

Source: ScreenRant


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