Barry Jenkins Will Adapt James Baldwin Novel Starting This Fall

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Even though the Best-Picture Oscar fiasco went viral within seconds, Barry Jenkins and company aren’t going to just fade off into the distance as the victims of one person’s mistake. Jenkins will return to directing his next feature film post Moonlight by adapting the late James Baldwin’s novel If Beale Street Could Talk which he wrote back in 2013 around the time he was writing and adapting Moonlight. 

Jenkins was praised for making a film about a topic that is rarely seen on film or any other prominent mediums which makes the anticipation for this next project all the more interesting. James Baldwin is iconic for his work as a novelist, playwright, essayist, and poet that reflects on the black experiences of America spanning many eras of his existence. Specifically, If Beale Street Could Talk is a love letter and love story set in 1970’s Harlem.

Just hearing 1970’s Harlem and love story is plenty of detail for me to be excited about. Jenkins ability to make an American film with techniques similar to foreign films he claims he treasures and is inspired by, I can only imagine what he will create with a period piece drama like this after making such a visually captivating film like Moonlight. Jenkins honed in on the topic of sexuality and self acceptance in Moonlight and would now take on the topics of false imprisonment and love with adapting Baldwin’s novel.

The way I see it, for those starving for diversely created content in the world of film, Jenkins is the hero you now have. An African-American director making films with African-Americans about African-Americans while still maintaining themes and thematic elements that all people can hopefully relate to.

Source: Variety


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