(Watch) Never Judge A Pony By It’s Ridiculous Amount of Sparkles

I have so much respect for My Little Pony and the brand and what they’ve promoted to people of all ages and genders and this trailer somehow proves exactly what I’m talking about. From the name alone, My Little Pony iisn’t something that you’d go outof your way to see, but with the world of Bronies and just the amount of of children alike that appreciate and get so much from this brand is why I can happily support. Oh, and the trailer is actually really charming.

Pretty much each joke landed with success for myself as I watching and found them to be taking themselves not as seriously, which is exactly what should happen in a story like this.

It’s got plenty of child friendly humor that manages to translate to humor that adults can find tolerable, but I had to point out that the two body guards looks like Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction. That’s hilarious and you know it. Again, never be so hypercritical of things unless they’re trailers or news articles on Americanized versions of anime or video games.


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